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The Language Psychoanalysts Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a behavior characterized by the lack of social behaviors or communication as well as strange and recurrent behaviors. According to the description of the condition given by Leo Kranner in 1943, a number of trials have been made to explain this state. The prime paradigms that have been made are cognitive and psychodynamic ones (McAfee, 200...


Looking at the entire data mining systems at whirlpool and review of the information relating to data warehousing and implementation over the last decade indicates that views of date warehousing designers have changed radically. It is evident from the initial plan that the company did not place much emphasize on the need for a well-laid out busines...

The Fire’s Man

Introduction             The Big Burn is a dramatic story based on real events that took place many  years ago leading to a great fire that destroyed  over three million acres of forest land in the United States. The author used characters in the book to explain the immediate events, ...

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