Classification of Parenting Styles

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Background: There have been many challenges in the quest to investigate the relationship between parenting styles, and the impact of the styles on children. Despite the challenges, researchers through critical analysis have identifies several parenting stlyes.

Thesis statement: This paper seeks to highlight and elaborate the classification of parenting styles.

Body Paragraphs

Authoritarian Parenting     This parenting style requires children to follow strict rules that have been laid down by the parents. Breaking of the rules makes them to be reprimanded through punishment. In most cases the parents who use this style fail to highlight the reasoning of the laid down rules.

Authoritative Parenting    This style of parenting is just like the authoritarian parenting, with exception of some few facts. Authoritative parenting is more democratic, and the parents are ready to listen and respond to their children queries. When the children break the rules, authoritative parents are willing to forgive and nurture instead of punishing.

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Permissive Parenting     The permissive parents, are also known as the indulgent parents. They only make few demand and rules on their kids. The parents discipline their children rarely because of their low expectations on issues such as self-control and maturity.

Uninvolved Parenting. This parenting style has little communication, few demands, and low responsiveness. Despite the fact that these parents meet the children basic needs, they are always uninvolved in their children life. In some cases, the parents neglect the requirements of the children.


The parents can combine the various parenting style to come up with a unique and distinct blend. For instance, a mother may prefer authoritative style while the father permissive parenting. To come up with a more cohesive approach, they have to cooperate and combine the elements of the styles.

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