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Looking at the entire data mining systems at whirlpool and review of the information relating to data warehousing and implementation over the last decade indicates that views of date warehousing designers have changed radically. It is evident from the initial plan that the company did not place much emphasize on the need for a well-laid out business objective before drawing up a complete data project. In general, the company did not have a strategic and long term scheme for data capture and storage. Furthermore, available material point to the fact that lacked a comprehensive reference program that would guarantee a return on data warehouse venture. Given that whirlpool is a business entity, it is critical that any venture must guarantee a return on investment. There are numerous ways that companies can model their data in a unique manner that would help the organization capture new information.

A critical review of whirlpool’s initial data gathering processes reveals that the company is likely to have difficulties in reporting. The modeling processes relied on in this case has the potential to slow down transactional processes given that the company has an elaborate network spread in many parts. I would suggest that the company negates the querying process in the initial stage of identifying and interviewing key users. Moreover, I would recommend that the company to capitalize on small the little technical knowledge about databases and use it to write questions that would not require time to respond. It is important to factor in the business aspect in drawing up a data warehouse strategy. Capitalizing on database technical knowledge to design the questionnaire would help the company avoid wastage of resources and would resonate well with the company’s business strategy.

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I believe that data warehouse can be effective if they facilitate swift response to user questions. However, looking at whirlpool’s strategy, it is clear that the company lacks clear data extracts that can run on logic programs to process data. The strategy depicted in this design used to work perfectly before 2000. From the material, it is conceivable to reckon that whirlpool has vast amounts of data. The company is likely to have challenges in sorting out their data frequently. This risk can be overcome if the company takes time to ratify correct procedures. Strategic alignment is crucial in configuration of any data warehousing model. Another recommendation would be that the company should not just rely on the design models already in use by some organizations. To overcome the challenges enlisted above, the company needs to borrow heavily from other companies structures. This may help the company to overcome the challenges that come with designed models.

the role out and feedback mechanism may not factor in the intended end-user responses as intended by the design team this is because the program has not recognized the end-user as the stakeholder that would deliver the required feedback in regard to analysis. Their complete participation is critical as it will provide the project with pertinent technical responses and business logics that would significantly contribute to data quality. The whole essence of end-user involvement is to enable users appreciate the design and take responsibility in ensuring that the whole concept succeeds. The notion being advanced in this design seems to have been replaced by latest designs that provide increased user participation. I would recommend that the management needs to give much attention to training. This would help reduce friction between the user and system. Increased user participation boosts user confidence and may improve warehouse functions by a significant percentage.

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