How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

With multiple choice questions, the test-taker is required to select the correct answer from a number of options included for their consideration. Answer options are set as “fixed” before the test so the test-taker cannot supply or generate their own answers. Also known as selected response items or fixed choice items, the primary advantage of these questions is that they are quick to score and the student can be provided with feedback quickly.

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How to Complete Multiple Choice Questions Assignment Successfully?

When it comes to answering multiple choice questions, it is essential to have an effective strategy in place. The following four-step process is designed to help you succeed in answering such questions correctly.

1. Understand what is being asked in your questions

This first piece of advice is easy to remember and follow but it is one that a lot of students overlook. Possibly this is the area where students struggle most with multiple choice questions exams.

Your task is to figure out what type each of the questions is so that you know what is being asked of you before you can answer it correctly.

The following are some crucial things to watch out for to ensure you are answering the right question:

  • One of the answer options is “All of the options provided.”
  • One of the answer options is “None of the options provided.”
  • Questions where there may be a couple of possible correct answers.
  • “All the provided answers EXCEPT …”
  • “Which of these are NOT…”

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2. The answers to all the questions in a test need to be carefully evaluated

Once you have examined each of the questions in your test and identified their type, you should quickly evaluate the possible answers. Just as you need to identify the type of question, the type or nature of the answers will often indicate which answer is correct.

Remember this: your aim at this point in the test is quite simple. Just try to ensure that the provided answers match the nature of question you are being asked to answer.

3. Eliminate every answer that is clearly incorrect

Quite frequently, this stage of the test process eliminates all answers except one. Hence, by simple elimination, you have correctly answered a particular question. Now continue using this technique to answer the rest of your multiple choice exam questions.

4. When everything else escapes you, assume magical powers and guess the answers to multiple choice exam questions!

A lot of students think that these types of questions are reasonably easy compared to an essay or research assignment. You might assume that it is just a case of picking one answer since the correct answer is there on front of you already. Tests comprise of a lot of these questions and you may still be in the lead even in the event you get some wrong.  Nevertheless, the reality is that multiple choice style questions are not entirely simple or easy. The test-taker has a limited amount of time to get to grips with each question and choose the correct answer. This can be particularly challenging where a question is somewhat ambiguous and/or open to different interpretations as is often the case. The student needs to be conversant with their topic if they are to succeed in these exams.

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