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This paper focusses on an analysis of a movie entitled Endless Love from the viewpoint of a social psychologist. Generally, the film is about a story of a young girl who comes from a rich family falling in love with a poor boy. Moreover, the three major concepts addressed in the movie have been highlighted in details as well as my thoughts and reactions about the film. To begin with, Endless Love is an American romantic movie that was released on February 14, 2014 in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom by Universal Pictures (Spencer).

The running time of the movie is 104 minutes. The play back music is provided by Christophe Beck. Besides, the movie drama is directed by Shane Feste; it is also co-written by Joshua Safran in cooperation with the director of the movie. The drama film largely borrows its ideas and concepts from Franco Zeffirelli’s Endless Love movie that was released in 1981. It is based on the concept of endless love by Scott Spencer and it is produced by Scott Stuber, Pamela Abdy, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.


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Summary of the Movie

The movie is based on the first love and passion that teenagers experience as they mature. The movie embodies the love that can coerce a person to spend his/her entire life in jail or a love that can set a house on blazing fire. The main characters in this movie are David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer) and Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde). Through their romantic actions, the film depicts David and Jade as a couple whose emotional bond is as strong as ever. As the movie begins, we learn that David has had a crush on Jade for a long time. However, despite the emotional feeling he had for Jade, David never had enough courage to open up and speak to her about it. However, David and Jade come from different parts of the world in terms of economic stability and wellbeing. Jade comes from a well off family and is over-protected by her parents whereas David comes from a dysfunctional family as exemplified by his divorced father who works as a mechanic.

When the two characters meet, they fall in love for each other resulting in difficult and reckless situation due to the decision of their parents to separate them. Jade had been suffering since the death of his brother who had got sick with cancer for some time. The emergence of David as her soul mate was too good option to turn down. David’s father encourages his son to pursue the relationship because he wanted him to overcome the social bondage that was governing the society. However, he feels that his son risks embarrassing himself at the hand of the rich family. On the other hand, the family of Jade would rather see their daughter remain a bachelorette for a whole life than to get married to the son of a poor mechanic. The conflict of interests therefore draws a hardened battle lines between the two teenagers and their parents. However, the aim of the movie is to prove that love conquers all despite the fact that love story of Jade and David ends with heartbreak. As the movie ends, a degree of reconciliation between the families changes (Spencer).

My Reaction to the Movie

Generally, the movie is breathtaking and amazing because it clearly captures emotional changes that the teenagers undergo, and the poor decision making capacity that young people face during trying moments. The story of the movies therefore mirrors the actual teenage emotions and experiences. In my opinion, the movie is a must watch for all the teenagers and families because it facilitates the education of sensitive topics that parents are ashamed of telling their children.

Concepts Discussed In the Movie

The concepts that have been highlighted in the movie are based on the moral complexities that occur in the contemporary world today. Evidently, the following concepts have been highlighted throughout the course of the movie. They include social issues that have been mangled by the new generation such as sexual immorality, abuse of drugs such as alcohol and conflicts between parents and their children. The acts of sexual immorality have become a common trend. In the modern era, it is not surprising to witness cases of fornication as exemplified in the movie and adultery among the married couples among other extra marital activities. The movie therefore sheds light on the immoral activities that the world has ignorantly turned a blind eye to. Moreover, the movie explores the abuse of drugs by the young people. For example, instances of excessive drinking of alcoholic drinks are evident in the movie as the kids are engaged in mindless drinking without taking into account the eventual consequences. By watching the movie, the young people get the opportunity to learn about the irrevocable and damaging consequences in case of drug abuse.

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One more social concept that has been highlighted in the movie regards the constant conflicts that the parents experience with their children. The overprotective nature of the wealthy parents inflicts the indelible damage that it has on their children in the long term. In addition, the movie shows that the parents should not restrain their children from pursuing their goals and ambitions in whatever field. Instead, they should channel their resources and energies towards nurturing and developing a healthy and sustainable life for their children. For instance, if the parents of Jade had approved her relationship with David, they would protect her from the eventual heartbreak that she has experienced (Spencer).

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