What Media Would a Marketer Use to Best Reach You?

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Marketing is one of the most important sectors in every organization. Marketing team requires identifying a specific target group and understanding a particular language. The last one can be used to attract the group and convince its participants to become loyal customers. Many factors segment a group of people as a target group. The factors include age, gender, education level just to mention a few. For the intended message to reach the target group, the form of media used is crucial. It determines the effectiveness and efficiency of delivering the message to the target group. The paper will analyze different media to determine the most appropriate to reach other people who fit into the same category as a goal of Housatonic Community College.

I am a representative of the young people learned and influenced by modern technology. Therefore, it requires a marketing team to address the media young people use on daily basis to be able to reach them in a short period. Considering the fact, there are many possibilities of using the wrong media if essential factors are not considered. For instance, Housatonic Community College may think that using the radio can help them to reach many young people as a target market segment. However, it cannot work because most of the youth prefer listening to music saved on flash disks, memory cards, and other portable devices. The television can also fail since the youths have no time to watch it (DeMers, 2014). The few TV viewers have a tendency of ignoring advertisements whereas most of the adverts interfere with their favorite programs. Newspapers have served as effective media for many organizations. However, when it comes to the young people, the intended message may fail to reach the target market segment because most of them ignore advertisements and only pay attention to the information of their interest. In addition, most of these people have the ability to access news using digital means. Therefore, they do not read newspapers at all. In the past, magazines served as the best media for youths. However, with the coming of new technology, things have taken a new direction. They are not easy to find since most of the young people no longer buy them.


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Considering an order of priority, the social media is the most effective media of reaching the young people with the promotional message. For instance, Facebook is among the most popular social media today. It has an excellent tool making it easy for Housatonic Community College to access many young people and make them loyal customers. It is evident that most of the young people in the region are existing Facebook followers. It makes it easier to interact with them one-on-one. That way, the marketer will be able to understand their likes and attract their interest. Facebook supports advertising by allowing paid up content as low as $1. It is a cheap consideration comparing it with print or electronic media. It also incorporates a “buy” button on the site that can enable customers to book online. It is very persuasive whereas the marketing team and the target group are close related. They exchange information, messages, photos, and videos at an affordable fee.

The second media in order of priority is search engines like Google. It is effective in reaching the young people since most of them spend a lot of time online searching for many things either about education or life (Van Dijck, 2013).

In conclusion, the social media, especially Facebook, is the most effective tool in reaching the young people as a target market segment. Search engines (such as Google) can be ranked as second. Other media including radios, newspapers, magazines, and out-of-home follow depending on the country and area of residence.

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