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Psychology is one of the diversified disciplines that have many careers options. However, out of all these careers, I have chosen to specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis Psychology branch because of several reasons. First, choosing this program will help me to realize my dream of working and helping those individuals with Broad Spectrum Autism Disorder as they have often been ignored in the society. For example, I have met a lot of people with this disorder in Armenia and Iran, whom the society finds difficult to communicate with.

The society perceives them as ignorant and lacking good conduct. Studying this program will widen my knowledge and understanding of the mind of autistic people and will help to know how to talk and take care of them socially and psychologically. I will in turn educate the society how to live with them. Secondly, the program will enhance my 4-year experience, which I have gained out of working with organizations dealing with ABA. A good example is the experience I gained in Orran children home. This program will help me attain wider knowledge on how to help these autistic children in case I decide to go back to the organization. The knowledge about autistic people will also be essential for me in using the experience I have gained in managing the organization I have founded in 2009 in Tehran called ‘Center for Treatment of Autistic Disorders’. Therefore, this might be the dawn to the autistic problem that has given scholars headache for decades.


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Studying the Program in Multi-cultural Environment

It is quite essential to study the program in multi-cultural environment such as California in America, which supports, respects, and upholds human ways of life regardless of the color, race, or religion. As the country does not have cultural discrimination issues such as those I faced in Iran and Armenia, studying the ABA program here will give me an opportunity to personally meet people from different cultures and find out their attitudes towards autistic people. Moreover, I will have a chance to interview people on what they believe to be the origin of the problem. This will definitely act as a benchmark for my autism research. I am planning to carry out studying autism to contribute to the knowledge, which already exists.

Possibly, this might be the beginning of a better life for autistic people globally as learning their behaviors will definitely help the society to understand them. Secondly, studying autism in multicultural environment will help me study different autism cases researched as every culture has its own explanation and solution to the problem. This will help me get professional knowledge and answers to numerous questions relating to autism.

Professional Career Goals

My professional career goal related to my ABA specialization is to gain knowledge that will enable me to adequately research the origin, causes, effects, and ways of how to live with autistic people. This will shed some light on the disorder of autism and bring comfort to autistic people, who have suffered discrimination for years in the society. Moreover, understanding autism adequately will help me to learn how to treat the disorder that has greatly struck two of my family members. In this way I will learn how to save their lives. In addition to that, my professional goal of helping my society and the world at large through increasing people’s awareness about how to take care of autistic people will come to reality. This will encourage Armenian families to stop ignoring autistic people.

The Impact of the Program on My Professional Career

I totally believe that this program specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis will help me to realize my professional goal of unveiling the unknown knowledge about autism because throughout the course I will be studying the way of life and behavior of autistic people. I will meet a lot of autistic people and the entire society, which will give its critical view on the problem. Moreover, examining autists will provide me with adequate exposure to the problem hence helping me eventually to become a professional autism scholar.

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I have gained wide experience with autism people and met many families who fail to recognize autists in the society. I have also met scholars having done little to shed light on the autism problem. Therefore, I believe that studying this ABA program will be essential for me in achieving my professional goal of helping the society solve problems related to autism.

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