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Phenomenal success of the talented and courageous author Dave Pelzer is impressive. Pelzer’s books narrate a heartbreaking life story, marked by a long period of nasty physical violence and abuse in his childhood in the seventies (BBC, 2001). Undoubtedly, Dave Pelzer has a great personality; not only did he survive a terrible childhood full of violence, but he also grew up as a brave and fearless man with many achievements. The author takes his readers on a sad journey titled A Child Called It that forces people to reconsider their own lives and the world around.

A Child Called It is a deplorable story of a child whose indomitable determination helped him to survive in extreme conditions that threatened his life every day. Emotionally and mentally unstable alcoholic mother starved and brutally beat her son when he was a child. The woman, whom it is hard to call a mother, played awful games that often left the boy almost dead. With self-possession and willpower to survive, Pelzer learned to play mother’s sadistic games in order to survive. She did not consider him a son. The boy was a slave to her with the name “It.”


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The outstanding book narrates the most brutal case of child abuse in the Californian history. The world was not aware of Dave’s living nightmare. Despite the fact that the boy had nobody to turn to, his wish kept him alive. Dave did not leave the hope that one day somebody would take care of him, love, respect, and call him a loving son. The challenges faced in the past made the man extremely strong in the subsequent years (Pelzer, 1995, p.157).

A Child Called It will never leave readers empty since they learn about a boy who survived abuses. Pelzer wrote his book from a child’s perspective. It is instructive to see how a poor child perceived the attitude of his cruel mother, who did not treat Dave’s brothers that way, and how the abuse affected his self-esteem. However, the boy still had an incredible will to rise above brutality and violence, not only in order to survive. According to Dave Pelzer (1995, p. 98), childhood should be carefree with games in the sun, not a nightmare. Mother could beat him as she wanted. Despite this fact, he never let her destroy his will to survive (Pelzer, 1995, p. 4).

Today, Dave Pelzer’s parents are dead and, thus, they are not able to provide their vision of the events. However, the bestseller contains statements made by teachers and police officers that validated his claims. Dave’s brothers remain silent regarding memoirs. There is no doubt that the childhood stories presented by Pelzer are difficult to read and it is hard to imagine that it can happen in reality. The narration is a testament to how much the spirit can remain whole after bullying. Despite difficulties, Dave found a way to make his mother less angry and hostile. While a boy could not stop offensive attitude, violence and abuse, he was able to manipulate his mother’s actions. An incredible tale of bravery and strength grabs readers’ attention and leaves them in tears. According to BBC (2001), success of A Child Called It was phenomenal. The author’s main objective for memoirs was to demonstrate how a human spirit can overcome difficulties and survive despite an abusive parent (Pelzer, 1995, p. 52).

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Dave Pelzer’s bestseller vividly expresses the abuse he suffered and unbelievable apathy of people around to his grief. The author’s determination and courage will go a long way and help millions of American children who suffer in silence and solitude every day. The story of a man, who survived severe childhood abuse helps understand that millions of helpless and innocent kids are being tortured annually. Although the emotional story A Child Called It describes situations of maltreatment Dave Pelzer suffered, irrepressible human spirit is precisely reflected in this real life story. Someone’s life may radically change through the prism of this bestseller.

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