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The Use of Insurance in Corporate Risk Management

Introduction Risk management is an act of identifying, evaluating and taking steps that can be incorporated to reduce the exposure to loss faced by a company or an individual. It is a good approach in an organization as it is meant to cut down the amount of possible challenges for the business and the market as a whole. Moreover, the process is c...


Question 1 A contingent contract is an agreement whose terms are not fixed until an uncertain event occurs. Often in business negotiations, parties come with fixed mindsets expecting a particular outcome during some specified future period (Bazerman & Moore, 2013). Where the two sides express disagreement, conflicts that could potentially jeo...

Principles of Emergency Management

Introduction One of the goals of the United Nations is to increase the resilience of the member countries to face the impact of all disasters. The success comes from the strong bond among the countries and the communities at large. The United Nations is working on strengthening the bonds to ensure that all the nations remain united and collaborat...


The term “manager” contains many meanings because it can be viewed from various perspectives. It can be regarded as a job, position, profession or calling. Nevertheless, it is all about a person capable of managing and organizing others as well as creating a good working environment and motivating others to perform well.   Whenever speaking of...

Design of Work

The Differences between Job Rotation and Job Enrichment Introduction According to Attewell, Huey, Moray and Sanderson (1995), job enrichment is a way of redesigning a given job with the aim of reversing the effects of repetitive tasks that require little autonomy. It is a vertical restructuring method that gives employees extra autonomy, author...

Air Arabia

A three-star airline is among the lowest ranked, and its example is Air Arabia. In order for any changes to be made, the key factors need to be considered. As far as Air Arabia has not identified a target group, it needs to achieve this objective. People have a high current or future value of the services offered. They include businesspersons, back...

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