Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy

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A company has to provide a mission statement during action planning to improve the company`s growth and deal with organizational changes. Thus, it will ensure that employees and top managers realize company goals and move in one direction. It is important to identify all possible opportunities, provide the main aim, choose an action course to achieve this aim, and analyze what resources are critical for the company. To ensure proper implementation of all these actions, it is crucial to concentrate on strategy and planning. This paper is focused on strong connection between human resource planning and the organization’s strategic development.

Organizational strategic planning is a process that includes steps aimed at determining a way of the company`s goals achievement. This is a way to analyze environment threats and opportunities together with the organization`s achievements of productivity and efficiency. Human resource planning contributes greatly to realization of future demands and HR supply for the company`s goals. This planning includes all HR management activities that consist of the process of recruitment, development and training, information collecting, policy making, human resource development, and motivation for the organization (Noe, 2012). Due to these activities, it is possible to prepare an HR plan that would consider all important aspects and factors. Therefore, these two processes are tightly interconnected as the HR plan is a crucial part of the general organizational plan and strategy. This is why the human resource plan has to follow objectives, missions and visions of the company with regard to the organizational strategy very attentively. It can also be considered as a stage of the organizational strategy that has to be implemented, because it provides the engagement and participation of the employees. The main goal of the relationships between the organizational strategy and human resource planning is to unify the HR actions with the company`s strategy to achieve its missions and goals, and to ensure that human resource activities are considered before the beginning of the organizational strategy planning.


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Overall, human resource planning is the first part of the stuffing process that includes eight elements in general (Noe, 2012). The second element is a recruiting. During this stage, managers are seeking qualified people for the positions, inside and outside of the company. There is a chance to satisfy requirements through internal organizational resources. It can be done by means of promotions and transfers. In fact, this way is very fast and economical for the company. However, usually such recruitment is not enough and there is a need to attract people from outside of the company. It is important to have a contact with different contractors, consultants, employment exchanges and, of course, to present a good advertisement to provide recruitment from the outside. Such advertisement can be provided through the Internet and newspapers (Noe, 2012). The next step is selection that includes interviews and testing of the candidates, which leads to hiring of the best person that is available. The selection is often considered a negative process, because the number of rejected candidates is higher than the number of selected ones. Moreover, the main goal of this process is to choose the best candidates among others and make them realize what they are expected to do (Noe, 2012). Besides, orientation is an important element. During this staffing phase, new employees will discover their surroundings, learn about regulations, rules, and benefits and meet with their colleges. The next element is development and training, during which the employees are introduced to the established program to learn about their work and to improve their professional skills. Performance appraisal element has a huge meaning. To provide the management control function, managers have to establish criteria for work success, discuss these criteria with the employees, and reveal how to reward the best workers and motivate other employees to achieve the same results. The main idea of this factor is that the company does not have to decide whether the performing appraisal has to be provided for every employee or there is no need in the appraisal performance at all. It is crucial to provide appraisals only where it is critical. The most challenging thing on this stage is deciding which employee needs performance appraisal (Lawler III, 2014). The next element is compensation. This stuffing factor is strongly dependent on the pay establishment. The last element is employment decisions, which means that the career of the employees includes promotions, layoffs, transfers, firings, and demotions. Therefore, employees` career developments decision-making is the crucial part of the stuffing process.

Overall, these eight elements of the stuffing process have a tight connection with the activities of the human resource planning. There are four activities of HR planning, such as a preparation of the job analysis, human resource inventory, human resource forecast, and inventory and forecast comparison (Plunkett et al., 2013). During the job analysis, the employers must have a list of skills and duties that have to be compared and contrasted. Moreover, such analysis has to provide job description and specifications. The job description must include job title, work activities, purposes, materials, physical demands and authority ranges. At the same time, the job specifications must be focused on the employees` education, training, dimensions, knowledge, and skills (Plunkett et al., 2013). In addition, the managers have to be involved in the process of human resources planning. The managers have to determine many important aspects due to which the employees have to be transferred, promoted, terminated, and retired. They should also determine what positions are justifiable through changing technologies, new responsibilities, or increased amount of work.  In the end, it is critical for the managers to negotiate the position approval with superior managers. During the human resource inventory, the information about the present personnel of the company has to be provided. Such approach will help managers match future requirements with the present weaknesses and strengths. The human resource forecasting means that the abilities, experience, training, qualifications, interests, and skills have to be presented as an inventory. Moreover, it is important to perform the inventory and forecast comparison. Therefore, the inventory is crucial for monitoring the employees’ status and detailed information. Additionally, it helps in planning and updating the organizational strengths and weaknesses. The last activity is the forecast and inventory comparison. This process means research of whether the employees are qualified enough to satisfy job openings requirements (Plunkett et al., 2013). Therefore, these activities have close connection with the stuffing process, because human resource planning is the basis for the development of stuffing approaches and elements. The connection between these two processes helps the company meet all HR requirements and satisfy the demands of the modern market.

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In conclusion, the activities related to HR planning also have connection with the organization’s strategic planning, development, and implementation. The organization’s strategic planning will be effective only in case of the appropriate use of resources, one of which is the human one. Human resource is one of the most valuable factors that influence the organizational productivity, and it is the most important source of competitive advantages. Therefore, human resource planning is the most important part of the organizational planning strategy. Overall, the HR planning and organizational strategy processes are very closely interrelated. Therefore, one cannot be separated from the other.

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