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The two commercial Human Resource database systems evaluated in this question are Paycom and Triton. HR databases offer a litany of features among which are managing, training, as well as hiring. In addition, they are important for providing performance management.

Paycom provides employers with easy access to their payroll information. It is an advantageous option since it is client-driven and, due to its in-house development, it is particularly useful in organizations such as Strayer University. Paycom is single database software that has full-service functionality with no requirement for integration. This system makes it possible for candidates to submit their applications via the web with the data being populated through the whole system. This opportunity is a great deal in doing away with redundancy that comes as a result of multiple entries of data. The HR department in the organization can do background checks on employees with ease and this helps to avoid distracting employees from performing their duties. Another benefit attributed to this system is the ease of updating employees’ statuses, as well as the pay.


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Disadvantages of Paycom mainly stem from it being a web-based application. This means that if the system is hacked, the organization may end up losing funds from alteration of employees’ salaries. Constant background checks on employees make them unhappy, and their capacity to deliver high productivity is diminished.

Triton HR is an alternative internet-based HR database system that could also be used by Strayer University. It is known for its provision of payroll management services and labor and time management. It is user-friendly and has a reputation of enabling the clients to manage their employees with ease and improved efficiency. There are numerous advantages of this HR database software, among which employee and manager self-service, tracking of applicants and good recruiting capabilities can be included. The database also posts the job description of every worker in the organization, which saves on cost by avoiding duplication (Waddill & Marquardt, 2011). Moreover, it provides organizational human resources with the capability of carrying out background checks and compensation analysis. Tax filing at the end of every year is a benefit of this system that cannot be overlooked. The database also provides handbooks for employees, which make them more efficient in their different job categories. Additionally, it has group health benefits for employees, which plays a great role in encouraging team work as crucial for the organization’s survival.

Some disadvantages of Triton HR include the effects of the human error that can occur in the process of feeding the information into the database. Costly technology that is required for constant updating of the system, coupled with malfunctions of the system, is another disadvantage. Hiring of specialists in the field of technology is also a constraint for many organizations, especially due to the lack of enough skilled labour force.

Triton HR database fits the needs of Strayer University. This system is more recommendable as compared with Paycom HR since it has more features and is more user-friendly. Employee group health benefits provided in this system are not present in the Paycom (Kraft, 2008). Triton HR also offers Facebook access and mobile-optimized websites, which makes it better for the organization in question. Learning institutions, such as Strayer University, have adopted the use of social media to a great extent, and this means that Triton HR is more suitable for this organization than Paycom.

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There is a number of efficiencies that an organization gains from using software as a service for its human resource needs. For instance, it is able to establish more effective production by improving on speed as compared to what would be achieved if the whole process is done manually. There are also the benefits of lowering of costs as well as well as the ability to recover lost data through backups which are provided automatically.

Maintaining an MS access-based database application results in some inefficiencies.   Such negative aspects can be named as repetition of information, difficulty in maintaining information, and inability of the software to represent certain kinds of information, which makes it necessary to have another option, leading to increased costs (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2011).

The risks associated with combining products from different vendors include the fact that any malfunctions cannot be pointed out to a particular vendor. It, therefore, makes the work of correcting any malfunctions cumbersome and more expensive. Combining these products limits the ability of the organization to carry out effective performance appraisals of the vendors. This circumstance makes it difficult for the organization to decide on who among the vendors has the most favourable terms. The organization also faces the risk of information getting into the wrong hands as a result of being managed by multiple vendors.

Some of the consequences that may arise because of improper managing an HR database involve but are not limited to (a) information loss, (b) redundancy, due to repetition of information, and (c) difficulties in maintaining the information.

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