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A three-star airline is among the lowest ranked, and its example is Air Arabia. In order for any changes to be made, the key factors need to be considered. As far as Air Arabia has not identified a target group, it needs to achieve this objective. People have a high current or future value of the services offered. They include businesspersons, backpackers, and tourists with a constant travel pattern. Therefore, Air Arabia can be relied on to travel, and there is a stable demand, but some areas of customer care should be improved by means of developing a customer loyalty program.

Different kinds of people become regular passengers due to the airlines make it easier for customers to receive such services as easy flight booking, early boarding privileges, and luggage carriers. So far, Air Arabia has no target population, or the one is not well-defined (Jeffreys, 2008). Among the surveys done by means of questionnaires in different countries, not all passengers agree on the services provided by the airlines. Whilst others benefit from specific offers, others dislike them. It shows that the company has not identified a specific class of people.

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Determining the needs of customers is an essential way to improve customer service and care in Air Arabia. The airline rating is below other companies because of this reason. Meeting customer needs and exceeding them will put the airlines above its competitors (Katsioloudes & Hadjidakis, 2007). Consumers expect aptness, as well as value the quality of products, services, ease, protection, and variants available to choose. Meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of passengers increases their demand and expectations.

Air Arabia should identify those needs that will positively influence the airlines. These include the improved conformity with regulations, enhanced security in the airports, inexpensive guide services, more loyalty and trust, and most importantly an easy time during flights (on-board food or comfortable pillows). Since the airlines are not as developed as others, it is necessary to provide only those needs that are affordable to the company. Thus, identifying consumer wants and needs are more important for the business.


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Another method, which should be used to provide a better customer service, is the creation of customer service culture. Most private airlines give service providers tools to serve their customers well, and they understand their clients. Air Arabia can do the same (Jeffreys, 2008). The airlines should educate their employees on the importance of serving customers well. The same information should concern even those employees who do not have a vivid interaction with customers.

This information ensures that all employees at every level of the business comprehend how they should serve their customers. Management should interact with the latter regularly to understand consumer needs in direct contact with them. Front-line customer care workers will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to solve basic problems as they occur.

Setting of standard services and allotting time provides a consistent pattern of the service delivery system. These services include claims processing time, call waiting times, and satisfaction ratings (Jeffreys, 2008). These clearly labeled standards are available to the public. They give employees motivation to work, while efficient services meet expectations of consumers and increase their need for services.

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Recently customers have complained of delayed flights with no explanations or rescheduling. Clearly defined times and standards ensure consistency, and customers will have confidence in services delivered on time. The airlines should inform customers when they reschedule flights or any other service. The same concerns consistent services. Surveys and questionnaires are among the best ways to obtain a feedback from clients. Methods of data and information collection change with the development of technology and information.

Furthermore, Air Arabia will have to adopt a customer-based vision. It enables to reach a high standard of customer care excellence (Gross, 2013). A good vision statement shows what the business wants and does not want to be. It is a reflection of the goals and objectives of the airlines, which can increase the need for services or reduce them.

The implementation of external strategies is essential to boost the quality of customer services in Air Arabia. They help monitor service designs of the airlines, as well as advertisements, delivery systems, and the perception of products and services in the market. Advertising will influence customer expectations greatly making them positive. On the other hand, a feedback incorporates consumer comments and complaints. It is a more direct method of getting information that will help improve a particular service or reduce its quality, and it is a less costly process.

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Complaint resolution is the next step in increasing customer care in the airlines. If consumers feel that their complaints are attended, they feel welcomed and will seek the services of the airlines. SkyTrax rated Air Arabia as a three-star airline mainly because of many unattended complaints. However, this situation is changing now.

Finally, the airlines need to recruit employees more or less permanently. Well-trained and compensated workers provide better services and need less supervision. They ensure customer satisfaction directly. There will be less employee turnover if this takes place because they are likely to stay longer and perform their job. Therefore, employee turnover leads to a lower business rating based on service delivery. It is very expensive for the airlines because the one incurs costs for training and hiring new employees.

To conclude, the participation of employees is important for the airlines. Hired people need to agree with the vision of the company. Employers should encourage the participation of employees who have creative and new ideas. They should test the latter to determine their validity. Empowering frontline employees will help meet customer needs on the direct basis. Thus, the customer loyalty program based on equipping frontline workers with the knowledge of new technology, ways of solving the basic customer problems, and internal resources will improve customer care greatly and help the company exceed other airlines in the Middle East.

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