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The term “manager” contains many meanings because it can be viewed from various perspectives. It can be regarded as a job, position, profession or calling. Nevertheless, it is all about a person capable of managing and organizing others as well as creating a good working environment and motivating others to perform well.   Whenever speaking of a manager, people usually refer to a person within organization who holds a position of organizing and controlling the performance of others. This person is a leader of a team whose main duty is to share his or her vision with other employees, motivate them, and make people work in the best way.

Manager has to be there when there are complications in the company; for example, he or she has to help employees in case there is a working problem. He or she also has to interfere in case there is a difficult work climate within an organization. Basically, a manager is a person who makes the organization function properly by analyzing its structure, communicating with people, and making human resources work for the organization’s goal. Being a manager does not always mean direct intrusion into the office or work of employees. A manager can have leads in various departments who perform tasks similar to his or her own at a lower level (Reh, n.d.). Still, a manager can never distance oneself from the organization he or she is working in. He or she always has to know the real state of things within a company in order to monitor its functioning, the direction it follows as well as calculate future prospects. Essentially, a manager has to know all about the organization. Even more, he or she has to use this knowledge in order to improve the organization and make it work better.


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Managers can be very different because this word has many shades and can be used for various people holding various positions. For example, a financial manager focuses on the financial side of the company. He or she has to know everything concerning finances and economic state of the organization. This way, he or she would be able to determine how the company can improve its state and how the money has to be used so the company can benefit. PR-manager is responsible for public relations so there is little he or she knows about the finances except the basic numbers and the amount of money he or she needs for various PR projects or campaigns. This person is responsible for making the organization more appealing to the public and for popularizing it. HR-manager works with employees mostly selecting them and making sure they are suitable for the work and do not have problems or psychological difficulties while performing their tasks. A top-manager has to take care of the overall organization by maintaining its high performance, watching and analyzing all of other sectors within the organization. Hence, there are different managers, so this position is rarely described as a single word because it usually has another one in front of it that specifies the field which is being managed by the professional.

Thus, due to many variations of the manager, this term can be best described through the duties it carries. A manager within an organization is the one who sets the goals and objectives other employees have to follow (“What do managers do?”, n.d.). Hence, he or she determines the direction the company takes. Alongside this, the manager has to organize the work so employees act in such a way as to meet the objectives set by the manager. The manager does not simply state what has to be done, he or she has to do it in such a way so other employees would share his or her vision and become enthusiastic about it. This way, a manager is also a leader who is able to encourage others and make the organization benefit because of it. The manager also evaluates the results people achieve as well as calculates and analyzes the faults and improvements of the organization. Thereby, this person determines new directions and objectives afterwards so the organization keeps on running and succeeds.

Basically, a manager is a person who is viewed by many employees as capable of anything in professional field. This person plans, directs, coordinates, and cooperates; he or she also organizes, reports, and takes care of finances (“Who is a manager”, 2011). From one perspective, a manager is a universal professional with extraordinary capacities since he or she has to possess many skills in order to run an organization successfully. A manager is extremely important for any organization. This person has a huge influence on the success of the company he or she works for to the point that a good manager can lead a company toward success while a bad one can turn even a successful organization into a failure. A manager has to possess a considerable amount of skills that may vary from finances to psychology because all of these skills are equally important and needed for a good manager. There are many examples of great managers who were also leaders and transformed their organizations making them achieve unbelievable successes. These people showed that management was not merely a job but it was also a lifestyle of an organized, confident, and determined person.

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