Saudi Airlines Catering and Qualities Required for a Position of Chef de Partie

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This paper explores the nature of chef de partie vacancies offered by Saudi Arabian Airlines. It investigates Saudi Airlines Catering, one of the world’s leading catering companies. In addition, this research focuses on the history of the company, their products, services which they provide, the number of employees as well as the company’s size, earnings, and reputation. The paper analyzes the responsibilities of chefs de partie and their specific tasks, duties, and opinions. Additionally, the author pays special attention to issues of certification, licenses, and experience, which may be required from a potential employee.

The history of Saudi Arabian Airlines starts in the year 1945 when a single twin-engine plane was presented to King Abdul Aziz by the President of the USA, Franklin D. Roosevelt. This gift prompted with the purchase of two additional engines. Nowadays, Saudi Airlines possess approximately 139 aircrafts and take pride in being one of the world’s largest developing airlines. The history of the Caterer Company began in 1981 when International Airport offered services for those who departed from Jeddah (“Saudi Airlines Catering”). Afterwards, catering units, which became responsible for sky sales on board, were established in King Khalid, King Fahd, Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz, and Cairo International Airports.

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Since SAUDIA employs a group of experienced professionals, clients can remain calm due to high-quality food and irreproachable service spirit. Company’s output ranges from 20,000 to 65,000 meals per day (“Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering”). The key task for the fore-handed company is to provide first-rate service to passengers, especially for Business and First Class passengers. Cuisine depends on the destination of the flight. Clients may get a chance to taste fresh mixed salads, soups, caviar, a large variety of meat and fish dishes, and fresh seasonal fruit desserts with wide selection of beverages.

The company collaborates with more than 5,000 employees including concierges, waiters and VIP waiters, cooks, chefs de partie, and demi chefs. Furthermore, the personnel contains dispatch officers, accountants, maintenance supervisors, and warehousing staff. In general, SAUDI requires their workers to have minimum one or two years of experience. Head chefs, sous chefs, cooks, chefs de partie, and demi chefs should have excellent expertise in culinary arts, but work experience is the most relevant demand. Chefs need to be able to organize and lead a team using knowledge, skills, and 7-9 years of previous related experience.


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The success of Saudi Airlines Catering started from Jeddah. Nevertheless, nowadays, it is world-famous company, one of the largest in the Middle East. Its size increased so significantly that it had a drastic influence on the local and international markets. The SAUDI team declared that their objective is to develop facilities in London, Cairo, Medina, and other principal points that serve as thruway to Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah. In 2012, the company was transformed into a public shareholding country. However, in February 2014, SACC resumed a contract with Saudi Arabian Airlines, which currently owns 35.7% of SAUDI.

According to SACC income statement of the year 2013, total assets grew by 8.48% in comparison to 2012. SAUDI discovered that their net income rose by 16.90%, which amounts to 569 million, meanwhile in 2012 that total came to 487 million (“Saudi Airlines Catering Company”). In-flight catering sector’s income increased by 11.2% and sales of the company rose by 17.3% to 1.87 billion compared to previous 1.59 billion. Mostly, the cost of goods grew by 10.97% to SAR 1.176 million, which caused a slight recession in the gross profit margin.

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The company showed its worth as an invincible player on the international market. Therefore, SACC has attracted international recognition among a very distinct group of world-famous catering companies with an impeccable reputation. Saudi Airlines Catering has recently received a number of significant international awards: 2012 Cathay Pacific Hygiene Award, 2012 Quality & Safety Alliance In-Flight Services as well as Golden and Platinum Awards of Excellence in Catering Quality. All these facts prove once again that SAUDI is a widely respected company with high-quality service. Additionally, Saudi Catering gained its international reputation for food quality, and it stimulates other companies to master the art of perfect servicing.

It is important to describe the basic functions, requirements, and duties of chef de partie. Mainly, this job is available to male applicants. The work requires a sharp mind and quickness of wit because a chef de partie controls production according to specification and recipes to make sure that cooked products are properly conditioned. This employee also assists head chefs or sous chefs in elaborating and formulating new products, menus, and recipes. Furthermore, a chef de partie needs to keep sous chefs informed of any deviation of product from the norm or dates of expiry and ensure that only the bare minimum of food is wasted.

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The candidate must have experience preferably in Airline Catering or in 5-star hotels. To become a member of a highly-skilled professional team (“Job Details,” n.d. b) in Joddah, Dammam, Madinah or Riyadh, a candidate should have a perfect background in food and hospitality and 3-4 year experience in a similar field. The company offers tax-free salary, free accommodation, provides meals, free tickets and offers other significant benefits (“Job Details,” n.d. a). However, a chef de partie must be aware of hygiene and food safety and have a perfect command of English. Candidates are likely to prove their qualifications with Food Safe certificates. It is rather important to maintain positive relations with guests and anticipate their needs at any time.

In spite of having a vast number of responsibilities, chefs de partie assure that such a fast-paced life keep them abreast and provide them with opportunities to gain experience and improve their skills. It is difficult to balance their jobs and private lives, though. Employees frequently work under pressure, but hard work pays off. Chefs de partie are extremely experienced, still they are convinced that it is crucial to find different approaches to each client and be guided by their preferences and taste. This is why chefs should prove their ability to improvise and sometimes it requires considerable effort. Furthermore, the workers should provide smooth flow of culinary operations during peak meal periods, therefore, chefs de partie insist that it is very important to be self-restrained, tough and concentrated.

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It is easy to overlook a clearly rising tendency of chefs de partie to apply for a position with extensive experience. On average, they have worked in the field for 7-9 years. The most appreciated workers have approximately 13 years of experience in different culinary roles in five-star hotels, catering services and restaurants (“Chef”). It is clear why Saudi Airlines Catering is ranked as one of the best and most thorough.

In conclusion, the paper focuses on the history of foundation of the world’s leading catering company, Saudi Airlines Catering. SACC features a professional team of experienced workers, whose aim is to be guided by clients’ preferences and provide first-rate services for the passengers. The company cooperates with more than 5,000 employees and its output ranges from 20,000 to 65,000 meals per day. Total income of SAUDI rose by 8.48% in comparison to 2012 and continues to grow with no obstacles in sight. SACC has attracted international recognition and a vast number of awards confirm its brilliant reputation. Finally, the paper demonstrates particular properties of chefs’ de partie work, responsibilities and duties as well as the required qualifications.

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