Windows 8 and Virtual Learning Environment

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Windows 8 was initiated into the Microsoft world that is aimed at uplifting the traditional operating system. Although its capabilities and features are unique, the most inherent one is that it has redesigned the features of the current operating system with near instant on capabilities that enhance the system to start up and load faster.

There are many distinct differences between Windows 7 OS, and Windows 8 OS. First, there is a change in Boot time, as the new Windows 8 has a better GUI, and the verifier of the image is ISO—it ascertains the genuine of the image. In addition, the log in page that characterizes Windows 7 is quite better than that of Windows 8. However, few changes like facial recognition have been added to Windows 8 log in page in order to enhance security details. Focusing on the security details, Windows 8 have a detailed security network imminent with reset function that enhances the computer to mitigate virus effects. The virus is removed from the system rendering it effective. Finally, the Graphics section has not been quite upgraded; however, it is expected to be better than current scenario of Windows 7 (Adonis, 2009). 


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Compatibility is not an issue when it comes with the features of Windows 8. Some of the features and devices that are compatible with this operating system includes Bullguard Internal Security, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, ESET Smart Security Business, F-Secure Internet Security Technology Preview, McAfee Total Protection 5.6 Beta for Windows 8, Norton 360 (Version 6.0 Beta), Norton Internet Security 2012, and Trend Micro Titanium for Windows 8. Some of the devices listed were not compatible with Windows 7 (Weiss & Nolan, 2006).

In conclusion, the upgrade of Windows 7 operating system to Windows 8 has proved fruitful in many of the organizations. Security of the data has been guaranteed, and it is faster than the former OS. In addition, various devices are compatible with this operating system making it effective in business organization and individual use.

Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning environment (VLE) involves learning and teaching tools, which facilitates learning experience of a student, as it included internet and computer services as part of the process of learning (Weller, 2007). The vital components include student tracking, electronic communication, curriculum mapping, and internet links. Ideally, VLE involves assignment of student ID or teacher ID where the teacher or supervisor track the performance of the student and modify the content of curriculum. Various software packages that involve commercial VLE include WebCT, Blackboard, COSE, and Lotus Learning Space (Mohanna, 2010).

Indeed, numerous benefits are attributed to VLEs including easy access to variety of functions. Though it may be perceived to be complicated, the services are streamlined and simpler in an attempt to enhance easy publication and creation of various learning resources. Consequently, it creates lesson plans by utilizing the available resources, monitor and assess students’ performances, and administer general class activities. On the other hand, VLEs track the students’ assignments and support online discussions in an attempt to increase reliability in its operations (Meskers, 2007). 

However, VLEs is a nuisance in the society as it hampers learning process, as the teacher cannot supervise the students work in the classroom—the students work independently. Rural areas have not been adequately issued with sufficient facilities and amenities, as there is no access to internet connection or PC. Students are not controlled by the instructor, as they are able to access homework without depending on the instructor’s instructions. As such, students tend to perform poorly than the case where they are supervised (Weiss & Nolan, 2006).

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In conclusion, VLEs have played a key role in shaping the technological advancement in the society. It has enhanced reliability and competitiveness in the society though independence of the students. However, such independence is not effective as it hampers learning process.

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