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In the development if the network for both software and hardware, various advantages are imminent as it enhances disciplined and rigorous manner to ease its development. The requirements for the system are adequately analyzed to facilitate implementation phase. Its inflexibility and rigor prompts the system installer to, efficiently, decipher the design with ease. The best way to approach network architecture design is through service-oriented network architecture facilitated by Cisco.

Broadband wireless systems enhance communication and transfer of data from one region to another. Although the distance between the server and the recipient should be minimal, it has heightened technological advancements in the society. Currently, new broadband wireless systems are underway to enhance reliability and efficiency of communication. The only setback it has faced is the potential Global Positioning System (GPS) interference that tends to mitigate its effective transmission of information.

USB has played a key role in the transfer of data in the past decades. However, with the invention of Light Peak, Intel has shown that the optical connector can easily replace the USB. The reason being the speed associated with Light Peak. The new optical connector transfers approximately 12GB per seconds of data in all directions. In addition, it is speculated that future versions of the connector will be able to realize 100GB per second of data.

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Although Frequency division multiplexing (FDM) is highly sensitive to various propagation delays, its usage will ultimately end in the near future. There is a need for development of communication systems that contain band-bass filters that are inexpensive and easy to design. In addition, the current FDM is characterized by nonlinear amplifiers, which, in most cases, can be destructed by other communication systems. Complexity of linear amplifiers necessitates noninterference of the data exchange.

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