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Business information system (BIS) entails the use of technology, particularly information and communication technologies (ICT). The systems can expand the reach of a company in terms of improving the various business processes leading to an improved value chain network (Beynon-Davies 2013). Through an improved value chain network as a result of utilizing ICT, a company can produce and deliver goods and services around the world (Vom Brocke & Rosemann 2014). Business information system brings forth a technological backup to an organization that improves the processes and operations of the organization to reach different geographic regions (Gunasekaran & Sandhu 2010). The intention of the current project is to demonstrate how Selfridges & Co has utilized business information system in their line of operations. Also, it intends to recommend helpful additions on their BSI.

Aims and Objectives of Selfridges & Co

Selfridges & Co operates in the luxury retail sector based in the United Kingdom. The business offers restaurants services, personalized shopping, and gift cards, etc. (Selfridges & Co 2016). The main competitors of Selfridges & Co are the Harrods and Harvey Nichols department stores. The core objective of Selfridges & Co is to be the destination for customers’ extraordinary experience. To meet the goal, Selfridges & Co strives to cultivate and sustain the culture of better buying and inspiring change. The company has been using four fronts in the line of staying true to their objective. The strategies include people, partners, business, and the environment (Selfridges & Co 2016). Firstly, the company’s employees are taught to connect with one another and the community through avenues like charity functions and volunteering undertakings. Secondly, Selfridges & Co aims to uphold a culture of ‘buying better’ through staying true to its partners and support the matters sustainable fashion practices. The company embraces a phenomenon of understanding the impact and issues pertaining fashion. Moreover, in business element, the object of Selfridges& Co is to “do more with less”. The policy aims at reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 15% by 2020 (Selfridges & Co 2016). Lastly, to meet the objective of safeguarding the environment, Selfridges & Co has partnered with The Zoological Society of London. As a result, the company stopped selling any endangered seafood in their outlets.

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Function of the Organization’s Website

The Selfridges & Co website accomplishes different tasks ranging from marketing, transactions to informative functions. The website is checkout–enabled; thus, the customers are able to view the different items on sale and buy them (Selfridges & Co 2016). Besides, the website offers marketing slides to advertise the new products with a clear indication of the market segment and the target purpose. Also, the platform presents information in categories to improve the retrieval experience. For example, men’s wear, women, bags, and shoes are grouped together, making it easier for customers to find the required item. There is also a link under ‘inspiration’ that directs customers to additional channels for information and fun. Also, the website has an ‘outsider’ view that strengthens the marketing appeal to the customers. One of the examples is the “Mary Greenwell’s top 10 channel favorites” to evaluate different views on makeup products (Selfridges & Co 2016).


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Moreover, the website provides information on the location of different Selfridges & Co stores. Thus, customers can visit a physical location for personal experience with the product or services they desire. The website offers external links to the social media platforms, where shoppers can interact with the customer service team to address the questions and demands. Finally, the website provides additional information on the general performance and ranking of the company, and advertises different events hosted by the company.

Information Gathered by the Company Due to the Presence of the Website

In order to have full access to the services available on the websites, prospective and current customers have to create an account with the Selfridges & Co. Thus, while signing up for the website, a person should provide sex information, marital status, email address, first name, last name, contact number, and addresses. Moreover, an option of creating wish list while viewing different product. The option provides information on different items that the customer yearns to get in future (Selfridges & Co 2016).

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How the Information the Website Gathers Might Help the Organization Competitively

Any information that can improve understanding of the customer’s taste and preferences is useful for the organization (Redman 2008). The customer data enables the business to identify the area to direct more effort and resources (Lindič et.al 2011). Selfridges & Co uses data from the wish-list of their customers to disseminate information on products that the clientele desires to acquire in the near future. The information enables a company to stock the products in the required quantity to meet the anticipated demand (Laursen 2011). Besides, the wish-list option provides information on the popularity of different products. The data can help organization to develop a marketing campaign, discount options or promotions to influence the customers into buying the items. The competitive edge that the information brings to the business is that the company always has the required quantity of the product.

The website also provides the information on the location of the potential, current and prospective customers. The data is helpful for the logistics management in the organization (Jaklič, Popovič & Coelho 2011). The address knowledge enables Selfridges & Co to identify areas for more sensitization campaigns to expand the company’s market command. The approach can increase the competitive edge of the organization through minimized marketing cost brought forth by location of specific marketing undertakings (Bocij, Greasley & Hickie 2015). Successful businesses are always customer-oriented, where the intention and objectives at hand aim to ensure that customers’ demands reflect marketing effort (Daft, Kendrick & Vershinina 2010).

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The gender information helps the company to improve decision-making process on the nature of supplied products. For example, if the data reveals that more customers are females, then the large percentage of supply should address the products and services for women. The information enables Selfridges & Co to uphold a customer-oriented approach to fulfilling the customers’ demands via effective stocking process where the right quantity is available at all times.

The contact number availed to the company is useful while performing surveys, verifying orders before delivery, and confirming the reception of the order. The direct contact brought forth by the phone number allows the company to have access to the customers where needed; thereby enabling the company to improve communication and offer relevant services. Moreover, the company is in a position to get relevant information on the nature of service delivered by sampling their customers for a phone survey. The information collected will enable the Selfridges & Co to realign its process to fit their customers’ demands. Through the information provided by Selfridges & Co website, the company has an improved competitive edge through better decision making to address the changing trends. Identifying the customers’ location helps the management to introduce marketing strategies aimed at expanding the reach of the company (Carver & Morgan 2011). Gender-specific data is helpful in identifying the quantity, nature and quality of the product to stock. Also, it is clear that the information assessed from the wish list enables the company to forecast the expected future demands and to realign accordingly thereby ensuring that the company is in a capacity to serve its customers at all time. Thus, the IBS information is required for Selfridges& Co, as the company becomes more customer-oriented, which is common to all successful businesses.

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The business information system (IBS) primary role is to improve value chain network of an organization (Laudon 2009). The only way IBS meet the goal is through the provision of more information to the concerned party (Bocij 2014). Therefore, Selfridges & Co needs to upgrade their website to enable it to provide the following information.

Website Experience

The customers are expected to avail information on the experience they had while using the website. Successful businesses engage in ideas in an extraordinary manner (Inghilleri & Solomon 2010). Therefore, having user-friendly information will enable the company to customize the website into a platform where buyers around the world will have an enjoyable time. The website should be staying faithful to the company goal of the Selfridges & Co to make shopping an enjoyable time.

Estimated Budget at Hand

A happy customer is the one, who can access the product desired (Burrow & Kleindl 2013). Therefore, having a categorized products system will help the customers to look for specific products that he or she can afford. Besides, there is the need to have a user calculator that will assist customers in terms of their buying capacity. The approach will enable the company to have relevant data on the ability of their customers thereby serving them better through availing the right priced item for them.

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Life Chat Support

The website is conspicuously missing live chat plugin, where the customers can contact the customer care in real time. Having the plugin will enable the support team to respond to the customer’s demands and questions in a timely manner. The strategy will help the company competitively by enabling it to be more customers oriented.   

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