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My Counseling Theory

Introduction One of the critical issues facing counseling in a number of local churches is the issue of place where one is required to perform the counseling. Most of the local churches today consider counseling as a ministry given to the pastor. This is motivated by the belief that the pastor is a God chosen person supposed to oversee the people a...


Heraclitus tries to highlight the power and the meaning that is active though invisible in the massive spectacle of the real world. The current paper does not attempt to criticize the modern scholars who have embarked on the Heraclitus theories, but it is trying to highlight the difficulties that most scholars will be ready to admit on the Heraclit...

Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls refers to a group of 972 texts from the Hebrew Bible and the extra-biblical documents that were found on the northwestern part of the Dead Sea between 1947 and 1956 (Vanderkam and Flint, 2005). Most of the Dead Sea Scrolls materials were fragmented in nature. Those involved in the discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll include the Bedou...

The Rise of Papacy

Introduction The Catholic Church rose to power during the 6th century, but the stewardship is thought to last all through the 9th century. Ferocious invasion that brought down Roman Empire expanded throughout the entire Europe. There were specific situations that helped the Catholic Church to gain its great power. In addition, most of western Europ...

Analysis of the Truth in the Religions

My Religion Alone is True Ramakrishna was a person who put faith higher than anything else. His first important point was that God can exist with or without physical forms. Ramakrishna craved for something infinitely greater. He found that man as a whole must sympathize, love, realize each others. Ramakrishna can feel things that no man would ever ...

The “Origin Story” of Human Race

In the Bible, the Lord is introduced as a Creator of the world. In the same Bible, readers are introduced to the story how God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. However, though they show the defiance and trickery of the serpent, the grace of the Creator was bestowed for Adam and Eve. This defiance introduces to readers the causes of evil ...

Haitian Vodou

Vodou is a religious practice in Haiti. They believein a creator god calledBondyè. Worship to god is channeled through loa. These are spirits responsible for specific features of life in the society. Mediums of worship include offerings, altars, objects, music and dances. Vodou originated from the slaves of West and Central Africa. The prac...

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