Analysis of the Truth in the Religions

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My Religion Alone is True

Ramakrishna was a person who put faith higher than anything else. His first important point was that God can exist with or without physical forms. Ramakrishna craved for something infinitely greater. He found that man as a whole must sympathize, love, realize each others. Ramakrishna can feel things that no man would ever feel, he can describe things that are not given to simple human. His purpose of life is to honor Almighty, but he also knew that in addition to various sects of his religion, there are other faiths in the world. So let us try to put the harmony of beliefs. Every devout man has to identify with the life of other human beings. In case of deep religious sense.

Brahmins or Christians, Hindus or Muslims they all state that their religion is only real. But the fact is that nobody is correct. Who can really know? The real religious educators of all times and ages as many lamps radiating the essence of life. The Lord is always one and the same. Diving into the river of time that stands in one place he becomes Krishna, diving and rising again in another place he turns into Jehovah. In different religions we find many names such as Rama, Christ, Krishna and many other great saints.


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But if a man asks God with a longing heart, he then can come to the Lord for grace following any route. All beliefs and routes teach its followers to believe in one God. That is why we cannot show disrespect to any religious attitudes. It seems as we all aim the same destination but we go there by different paths. Logically all religions lead their believers to the same God.        The persistence of intense consciousness is the truth that Ramakrishna is trying to convey. Furthermore, in order to achieve a state of holiness, which is manifested with sincerity. This is the sincerity to work for the professional, not only because of truth and knowledge to work for themselves, but indeterminate for God alone, and this is what you get in all religions which are essentially connected and such. According to Ramakrishna we should not be fighting for things inside the religion, but outside it.

One Obstacle, One Goal, Many Paths

Car obsessive, collective or individual, is just a machine, an automatic function. God is the living presence in us, our only true happiness and freedom. God, who is our only ultimate essence, has nothing to do with the interests of narrow or limited self-awareness. Divine nature and update can be performed fully in everyday life sincerely follow some of the paths revealed. All transmissions of fear and full of wisdom contemplative practice that survive the test of time, they are real true —- in the sense that benefits are authentic and have the sweet fruits of holiness. We hide in us a spark of divinity, of divinity in us. This is the reflection of God, the true reality, in its emphasis on us completely. We conduct our natural being. However, awareness is veiled from us from the outside world and its attributes. Our ego, or narrow self-interest, or act as a sheet of limited consciousness which parts we realize. We are trapped in ourselves as individuals and not see that the “thing”, what we call “I” is God’s presence in us (and everything else for that matter) is the vitality that our existence at all times.

Although the reality is veiled from us and yet always in us and make us a boost in constant fear that we recognize and realize. Those who are receptive, this fear react in different ways. There are several ways to approach this case. Is not the way in which it is perceived as a physical form (for example, Kali), how to deal with as an entity shapeless (for example, for Islam), how to treat as a necessary condition to obtain (nirvana) and go so on. They all point to the same goal.

All Spiritual Invitations Come From the Same Host 

God is Krishna, he is the beginning of everything that exists, the source of all that is, was, will not be. He is unlimited and has many names. Whatever the name of God he is all a whole. God has both the personal and the impersonal aspects of his personality. He is not abstract; he embodies supreme, eternal, happy and full of knowledge object. If a piece of sand has the same qualities of a dessert, so that how our consciousness has the qualities of God consciousness. Our true consciousness is not clean, and like a shuttered window it does not  provide a clear picture of what is outside. With many lives our association has grown within the time. This body of time, a lot of bones and flesh, is mistaken for our true selves, and we have accepted this temporary condition as final.

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