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Vodou is a religious practice in Haiti. They believein a creator god calledBondyè. Worship to god is channeled through loa. These are spirits responsible for specific features of life in the society. Mediums of worship include offerings, altars, objects, music and dances. Vodou originated from the slaves of West and Central Africa.

The practice has a role in Haitian immigrants in the U.S. It reminds them of their ancestral origin in Africa. Writers reveal that Vodou priests like Mami Wata, Ogoun and Sakpata in Africa were established by the immigrants. The existence of Vodun religion in Gullah Islands of the U.S. is also emphasized. It is a religion related to Vodou belief that emerged from the Ewe, Fon and Nayo of West Africa. This is a clear indication that Vodou faith has penetrated the United States of America, (Markel, 2009).

Views from scholars show that Vodou practice connects the immigrants to Haiti. Most of the Haitians practice the faith. For instance, the Northern Haiti has been influenced by Kongo practices from Basimbi and Lemba of West Africa. Despite of pressure from Christianity, the immigrants from Africa fitted into the Haitian culture with their Vodou believes. The Bwa Kayiman ritual of 1791 was a strong indication of their connection to Haiti. This is because the ceremony led to the liberation of Haitians from the French colony, (Valme, 2010).

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Vodou practice helps the immigrants to cope in America. This is because of various reasons. The belief was deeply rooted in clans. It stopped the European regime and Evangelical Churches from suppressing Vodou. Another survival tactic was the incorporation of Vodou practices into Catholicism. This was meant to conceal the identity of the Vodou faith. Elites like Wesner and Max helped in the establishment of Haitian Vodou in U.S, (Alvarado, 2011). Vodou originated from the slaves of West and Central Africa.

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