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Against the Death Penalty

The death penalty is one of the most controversial ethical issues since it questions whether one person can kill another one according to the proportional principle of punishment. People believe that imprisonment cannot solve the serious crimes so that the death penalty is the only (and the most optimal) solution in this case. Moreover, they assume...

Legalization of Human Organ Trade

For many centuries, people have suffered from a large number of both curable or deadly diseases. Thus, the medical sphere has been struggling for their lives in order to save as many patients as possible. However, there still exist numerous illnesses the treatment of which requires nontraditional medicine. What is more, modern healthcare field more...

Why People Should Donate Their Organs

Many people across the world are adamant to donate their organs after they die. However, the shocking fact is that approximately ninety thousand (90,000) individuals around the globe are wearily waiting for organ donations and about twenty (20) of them die for lack of organs every month (Committee on Increasing Rates of Organ Donation, 2006). It is...

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