Legalization of Human Organ Trade

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For many centuries, people have suffered from a large number of both curable or deadly diseases. Thus, the medical sphere has been struggling for their lives in order to save as many patients as possible. However, there still exist numerous illnesses the treatment of which requires nontraditional medicine. What is more, modern healthcare field more often resorts to organ transplantation in cases where medical treatment does not work. Nevertheless, organ trade remains an illegal option, and many people with serious health problems do not have a chance of surviving. As a result, there is a question of whether it is worth legalizing human organ trade so that to save millions of lives. The main purpose of this paper is to consider the pros and cons of human organ trade legalization. Despite the fact that the legalization of organ sale is still of a great concern, it is an inescapable issue that will be reconsidered soon due to its benefits.

Disadvantages of Organ Trade

Although human organ donation has a positive purpose to save other people’s lives, several disadvantages of this aspect still worry the society worldwide. In many countries where organ trade is supposed to be illegal, black markets with a wide choice of human organs and high prices operate. In fact, a huge number of wealthy people are able to pay any price so that to live longer even with organs taken from unconventional donors. However, very often the health history of the donor is not provided by the trader. Therefore, a potential customer cannot be a hundred percent sure of whether organ transplants can be used successfully. Consequently, such procedure remains risky for both the trader and customer, in particular. Nevertheless, such trade will continue developing, even being illegal, because people strive to prolong their lives at any cost.

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One more disadvantage of organ trade is the fact that there exist different potential health risks of organ transplant surgery. First, such kind of surgery is believed to be invasive. As a result, while transplanting a certain organ, the procedure can have complications and unfavorable results. Moreover, the body in which this organ is supposed to be placed can simply reject it. Besides, numerous side effects can be experienced because a new organ cannot always ensure that a patient will have a better life. What is more, some studies indicate cases where people died after a successful organ transplantation (Corwin). If organ transplantation is aimed to be performed, surgery risks should be predicted and aforementioned to potential clients so that they could consider the expediency of their decision.

The possibility of organ trade can also have many psychological effects on the person waiting for the transplant. In fact, waiting for organ transplantation, one can suffer from psychological pain and disorders because an appropriate organ can be delivered and transplanted over a long period of time. A recipient waiting for a necessary organ can wait for many years or even forever since the organ cannot be available at the time when it is vitally needed. What is more, if the organ is not transplanted in time, the family of a deceased donor can experience inconvenience as well. A deceased person who has been registered to be a donor will be kept under the medical observation until the organ or organs are meticulously removed (Corwin). As a result, a family of this donor will not be able to have the funeral procession.


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Human Organ Trade Benefits

The reasons for human organ trade legalization can be considered. Nowadays, many individuals are looking or waiting for a suitable donor. As a result, the majority of them dies before the donor is found. Consequently, the major reason for the legalization is the fact that organ transplantation can save millions of lives and benefit many people. In fact, considering other kinds of transplantation that have already been accustomed and performed for human benefits, the issue of human organ trade should be also reconsidered. For example, such medical programs as blood, semen, and egg transplantations have helped millions of people. Moreover, both donors and recipients experience positive effects of the procedure. In particular, donors receive some kind of compensation while recipients get an opportunity for a better life. Although the idea of organ sale legalization can sound gruesome, the research shows that such practice has already saved many lives (Gregory). Consequently, human organ trade advantages must be studied so that to examine all the perspectives for the successful implementation of the practice.

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Considering the issue of the black market and human organ trade prohibition, there is still a practice of selling different organs. Moreover, usually, black market traders turn the market of human organs into organized crime. Besides, people paying a great sum of money on the organ transplantation, are usually isolated from the normal routes of recourse. As a result, there exist a large number of cases when potential buyers of organs suffered from horror stories. Therefore, many opponents of the organ trade legalization ask the government to implement a more severe policy. Nevertheless, in case of such severe policy implementation, the black market trade would not be potentially reduced, and the prices of organs may increase significantly. It is better for the government and people, in particular, to have a controlled organ trade. For example, Professor Nadey Hakim, a famous leading transplant surgeon, states that the permission of the properly regulated organ trade market can not only reduce organ black market but also even destroy it (Smith). If the process of organ trade and transplantation is done safely, the donor and the recipient of the particular organ will not suffer.

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Unlike the black market practice of defective organs, legalization of human organ sale under the strict regulation would allow people to be transplanted with appropriate organs only. However, a serious question arises while considering the payment issue for organ donors. When donorship is legalized, many poor and vulnerable people may come under severe pressure, aiming to solve their financial problems by donating their organs (Smith). Thus, there is a need to ensure no donor was subject to pressure. Consequently, the legalization of organ trade could be implemented; however, it should be done under a strictly regulated regime.

Besides, if human organ trade is legalized and organized appropriately, a medical sphere of transplantation science can benefit as well. Such organ examination and transplantation would allow doctors to examine the process of organ transplantation (Berger). As a result, this continuous process will get better with every passing year. In addition, doctors would be able to improve the practice, and many people could get the opportunity for the better life. Moreover, donor-patient compatibility can be evaluated with the legalization of organ trade practice.

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The issue of human organ trade legalization has been debated for many years. As a result, several drawbacks and benefits of organ sale legalization can be identified. Unregulated selling of human organs can have a large number of risks. In particular, the black market might consider only financial benefit while people suffer from a great number of surgical risks. Nevertheless, considering all the advantages of regulating organ trade policy, legalization of organ donation can save millions of lives and help evaluate the science of organ transplantation.

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