Why People Should Donate Their Organs

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Many people across the world are adamant to donate their organs after they die. However, the shocking fact is that approximately ninety thousand (90,000) individuals around the globe are wearily waiting for organ donations and about twenty (20) of them die for lack of organs every month (Committee on Increasing Rates of Organ Donation, 2006). It is obvious that a large number of people can agree that it is morally and socially correct for everyone, upon his/her death points, to sign forms and donate some of their organs such as the skin, eyes, kidneys, lungs and the liver, among others. In any case, of what value are the organs to anyone being in a coffin? Donating them will mean living a second time after death. One can just imagine a situation whereby he/she is dead but his/her eyes, liver, skin or even heart live in another person!

As already indicated, many people are on a waiting list for organs donated across the world. It can occur to everyone that either his/her loved ones or he/she himself/herself can fall in this waitlist (Paulson, 2013). One needs to understand that anyone, and even he/she, can find his/her name there. The question is what then will happen if no one donates his or her organ so as to save one? It is said that charity must start from home. If one initiates the donation then someone somewhere will offer his or hers organs to him/her someday. It is clear that for one to survive after a tragic accident or illness, he/she needs some body parts to be replaced. It is not necessarily that one will acquire the organs free of charge; even if he/she pays for them, he/she practically needs some volunteer to donate. It may be a relative, a friend or even a stranger. The bottom line is; one will call for a donation. Consequently, if people continue being adamant to donating, they will end up losing many lives, lives that could be easily saved, and many organs will be rotting in graves instead of saving more individuals. Those who succumb to sudden deaths may also give out some of their body parts; it is not a crime (Wilkinson, 2011). Family members can grant consent if necessary, only that the dead have wanted to do so.


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People should donate their organs when they die. This fact results from the universal belief that donating one’s organs amounts to a lot of pros compared to the said cons of the same. Whereas it is entirely significant to think of the trillions who remain when one dies, other people may base on certain misconceptions and fail to make a contribution of organs. It is however not a crime not to donate but humanity still rules, and human beings need to do good things to others even at their deathbeds. According to Muhaiyaddeen (1997), God said totally nothing concerning the donation of body organs and inheritance of the kingdom. Consequently, one can come up with various beliefs concerning the same. Some can say it is against their religious belief in having a new body when the Lord comes, and they will not donate while others can say they will make a contribution since the Scripture says that people should be their brothers’ keepers. Donating, for example, the heart means saving a life. Even without seeing it or knowing it, the donor becomes a hero filled with pride while the recipient remains with incessant memories of a person who was not even his/her relative. Those against donations have their own concrete reasons, which can be also valid. Some of them believe that donated organs are never given free of charge to patients in need while others think they can easily transfer diseases through transplants. Some individuals may also raise privacy issues and fail to help. The fact is that before organs are transplanted, doctors screen them and establish their compatibility. There are therefore very few chances of failing or transferring communicable or non-communicable diseases to the receivers (Carr, 2013). However, it is a fact that some institutions sell donated organs, but it should not bar one from donating. People should learn to do their best and leave the rest to God. When it comes to privacy, one has to imagine how the doctors look like. They are usual humans dressed normally, just like the people they operate. There is therefore no need to worry about one’s privacy as a cadaver.

As it was already indicated, there is an alarming increase in the demand for organs while the rate of donating remains near to the ground. If only people took a step now and registered their names as potential donors upon their death, the world could change a million times! The dreams of that one person in need of a heart, skin, eye, liver or kidney will surely come true, and blessed will be a donor for that one virtuous decision (Mike, 2015). The future will be better for sure if people take this step. However, if they do not, then the deaths will continue to dominate as one sits down and watches the world falling into decay.

Let us take a step today, walk into hospital and take a donor form at this minute, fill it and live happily ever after, knowing that upon our deaths, regardless of what will be the cause, our souls will live on in the next life, the life of our organs’ receivers. It can be one receiver, two, three or many, depending on the number and of parts one can donate. Decide today and stand up tall for making such an important decision. Join the few who showcased their strong will and died peacefully and satisfied.

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