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The race issue increasingly gains much value due to a frequent discrimination occurrence. The latter causes an active reaction of the students who have to fight for their rights because of a lack of authorities’ attention to the problem. However, economic aspects, unemployment of people of color, and prejudice attitude to them brightly reflect the race problem.

The racial discrimination is a problematic and widely spread phenomenon in the U.S., which strongly affects the relations between the students. The number of multiracial students increases with every year. Therefore, there are many repeated incidents of racism on the college campus, like chants of the U.S. students from Oklahoma University, which showed disrespect to the people of color, or noose found at the Duke this year (Althen, 2009).

The race issue also has a questionable character in relation to the employment the people of color. The Gallup poll also exposed that 55 % of white U.S. people assert that white and black people do not have equal job opportunities, and 81 % of the interviewed black people agreed with them (Wessel, 2003). Such discrimination has a potential influence on the income and life quality of the black Americans, which causes their more frequent involvement in the criminal activities.


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The race issue in the personal life is not problematic because a respectful attitude to the surrounding people provides an appropriate feedback. It is important to keep an ethical approach in relation to the race issue and deeply aware of that all persons have a race — even white. The analysis showed that white students, as well as other ones, have a different point of view refer to the importance of race. White students do not regard the race issue as a problematic aspect, and some of them even refuse to acknowledge that the U.S. has a race problem. However, the interview of the students of color proved that the problem exists and needs an immediate intrusion of the government and creation of the necessary reforms. Campus activists across the U.S. tired because of an inadequate attitude of the administration towards racial harassment. Thus, they decided to take matters into their hands. A bright example is the student leaders at Ithaca College in New York calling for a vote of confidence or no confidence in President Tom Rochon because of a slow response to the allegedly racial incidents, which happened on the campus (Hanassah, 2006). Asian American students suffer much from the discrimination because of their belonging to the minor group. The frequency of racial discrimination in relation to the Asian American students increases, despite 50 % of them have a bachelor degree comparing with 29 % of the general population. Many universities set a limit on the number of Asian students (“The model minority is losing patience”, 2015).

Many white people consider that their life is under a strong effect of the foreign immigrants, which is reflected in the economic and personal issues. The economic issues concern the unwillingness of the people of color to work. White people are often irritated by the situation that people of color live for the donations taken from the taxes they pay. Hard economic situation induces people of color to participate in the criminal activities, which are reflected in the increased number of robberies and killings.

The race discrimination issue becomes more problematic with every year. Therefore, it provokes many protests of people of color. The white U.S. students should recognize that having international students on the campus is a unique privilege that proves a high level of the U.S. education. Therefore, it attracts foreign students. The government has to investigate the problem more deeply and elaborate the appropriate strategy for its extermination.

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