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The Race

The race issue increasingly gains much value due to a frequent discrimination occurrence. The latter causes an active reaction of the students who have to fight for their rights because of a lack of authorities’ attention to the problem. However, economic aspects, unemployment of people of color, and prejudice attitude to them brightly reflect the…


It is evident that following World War II, many scientists and public officials predicted that with the advent of technology, it would be possible to end poverty in the world. However, what has happened is that there has been a disconnect between the Haves and the Have-Nots. In the modern society, wealth and poverty are…

Impact of a Growing Elderly Population

The growth of the elderly population is one of the actual problems of modern society. Nowadays, there are adverse medical and demographic processes characterized by the increase in the number of people of the elderly age groups in the general structure of population in many countries, including the USA. Besides, this tendency also affects the…

Definition of Social Responsibility

Lately, changes have occurred in the relationship between the state, civil society institutions and private companies that resulted in the emergence of new forms of social interaction. One of these forms is based on a purely voluntary system of relationships, namely corporate social responsibility. It has a great meaning for the company as its social…

The Prevalence of the Whiteness in Pop Culture

Culture is a reflection of social norms and stereotypes related also to the characteristics of racial differences between humans. Modern pop culture demonstrates the predominance of white actors, musicians, singers, etc., while the non-white race plays the secondary role. It may seem that it does not really matter because the official racial prejudice against non-white…

Population, Urbanization and the Environment

Question One Openness and accountability in the state saves taxpayers’ money and strengthens people’s trusts in the state and public participation in decision-making. As a result, the government has to be democratic to ensure accountability and openness. The reasons are that the democratic form of government establishes checks and balances from both government arms and…


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