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Nowadays, many scholars try to discover what effect violence in the media has on people of different ages. Violence in the media is a normal phenomenon today. However, violent videogames and TV shows can cause desensitization in people to the brutal cases in real life.

Violence is a common thing for numerous TV shows, for example, The Talk and In Person, but Sally Jessy Raphael show has broken all records. The episode “Wild Teens: Boot Camp at Home” is full of violence and brutality. The story of fourteen-year-old Tony and her mother Rebecca is very touching. The girl was out of control; she was abusive. «All the time she tried to strangle her little brother», Rebecca said. In the boot camp Tony was sent, children were treated like soldiers; they were punished for all their misbehaviors and faults. It was shown how camp workers in military uniform shouted at Tony and made her ask her mother Rebecca to forgive her behavior. Tony was jailed in that camp for two weeks. One of the reasons why Tony was aggressive was the lack of attention from her mother. After the birth of her brother, the girl became a social outcast in her family. Tony’s mother and father ignored her. Such attitude from her parents’ side provoked the girl to be aggressive. Tony’s parents have three children, her and two sons. Another reason of violence in the family was the big load of work and responsibilities because the newborn grabbed all their attention. When a small child appears in the family, it may become harder for family members to balance workload sensibly.  As a result, conflicts between children and their parents arise every day.


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In Person talk show has episodes with violence as well. The story of Darryl and Amy shocked the audience. It is called “I Am Pregnant…Marry Me”. Amy is pregnant, but her boyfriend and potential father of her child is not going to marry her right away because he is not ready to become a husband and a father. He says he loves Amy, but he needs time. Then, it appears that the father of Amy’s child may be not Darryl but Karen. Darryl is enraged; he is scorned in the public eye. Amy pleads him to marry her because she cannot imagine her life without Darryl. The first reason of the Darryl’s aggressive behavior is shock. He is a thirty-year-old bachelor who does not want children now. Amy got pregnant accidentally, without planning this child. The second reason of Darryl’s aggressiveness is that he finds out Amy is cheating on him. Darryl is infuriated and cannot suppress his emotions.

Aggression refers to an action that is intended to hurt or offend a person. The abovementioned episodes include violence to show deprived relations between close people. They are inclined to offend each other and demonstrate their aggression. Nobody is perfect. Dearest and nearest people should love each other in spite of negative character features and try to correct such traits with love, patience, and understanding. Those who are scorned and criticized in public by their family do not trust their close people. First, the abovementioned episodes include aggression to distort humane methods of discussing and solving problems.   Second, aggression is the indicator of ill society. If the closest people do not respect and support each other, society deteriorates from the middle. These episodes must be calls for changes.

Watching violent TV shows can cause desensitization in young people. If young people watch violent TV shows, they feel fewer emotions while facing violence in real life, as they got used to violence on TV. Violent media results in blunting senses; it makes people believe that aggression and violence are accepted in society. Furthermore, mankind influenced by violence in the media tends to be more timid and fearful of people around them.

Concluding, aggression and violence in the media have deteriorative effect on people. They become senseless, desensitized, and brutal in real life. They get used to aggression and accept it as a normal social phenomenon.

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