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Elderly Sexual Abuse

Elderly citizens of any country represent some of the most vulnerable categories of the society. They are often physically, mentally/emotionally/verbally, pharmacologically, financially or even sexually abused and discriminated against. The cases of elder sexual abuse have, unfortunately, been on the rise in Dallas, Texas. The research conducted by Health Prospects online journal indicates that, strange…

Social Psychology

Nowadays, many scholars try to discover what effect violence in the media has on people of different ages. Violence in the media is a normal phenomenon today. However, violent videogames and TV shows can cause desensitization in people to the brutal cases in real life. Violence is a common thing for numerous TV shows, for…

Sexual Assault

Introduction Currently, the representatives of different theoretical orientations converge in the recognition of the pathogenic effect of physical and psychological abuse, which includes sexual harassment, corporal punishment, inadequate parental settings, and symbiosis. State’s response to the violence, both outside the home and within the family, is a crucial issue. In the country that permits violence,…

Oil Explains Why There Was International Intervention in Libya but not in Syria

Introduction A civil unrest in Libya broke out in 2011 as the result of dissatisfaction of some Libyans who were dissatisfied by the way their leader colonel Muammar Gaddafi ruled the country. They accused Gaddaffi of dictatorship. On the other hand, Gaddafi had his own loyal supporters who believed in his way of leadership. What…

Lending Institutions, Health Care and Human Capital: Kenya Case Analysis

Question 1: The Role of International Funds in Kenya For this paper, the developing country under study is Kenya. It is ascertained that the country has an access to international forms of lending from such institutions as World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for purposes of investing in intensive projects that are meant to…


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