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Transfer Applicants

I am an international student of Chinese nationality currently pursuing studies at Santa Monica College where I have been since September 2013. I intend to transfer to the University of California to pursue interior design as my major course. This course has been my foremost concern since childhood. I also hoped to find it at Santa Monica College the first time I landed in the United States. However, unfortunately, this college does not offer such courses.

My desire for this course is aroused by my deep interest in such areas as drawing, music, photography, cooking, playing chess, and camping. All these areas have a lot in common with interior design. Therefore, I wish to consolidate knowledge and skills in creating designs related to them. I have always had profound interests in designing my house. I drew numerous inspirations from my uncle who is the president of the Interior Design Company Ltd in China. My routine correspondences with him have been very beneficial to me. In fact, through my uncle, I have acquired more tips on interior design to the level that ignited my interest. Since then, I have looked up to my uncle as my major role model. I always hope that one day I shall be able to be like him because he is very successful.

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While I was in high school in China, I learned sketching, traditional Chinese painting, and poster color that I practiced for a very long time. As a result of my exceptional skills in designing, I won the National Children’s Prize during the previous Traditional Chinese Painting Contest. Shortly after that, I was recognized as the champion in the International Youth Art Festival. There I won the Gold Award and First Prize in Beijing Youth Painting Competition. Through my initiatives, I have learned oil painting, watercolor, and basic design while studying at Santa Monica College. I believe that these skills will be helpful to me as I pursue my major course. During my internship, I had also been working as a volunteer for the past five months. During this period, I worked with many professional interior designers who cooperate with different companies of designs. I can attest that the opportunity augmented my skills and further strengthened my interest in the subject. I do believe that a chance to acquire qualitative studies in this course will help me to become proficient in this field (just like the professionals I worked with).


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If given the opportunity at the University of California, I promise to perpetuate my unrelenting spirit of hard work to add value to the university by making spectacular designs. I also promise to cooperate with everyone from the University, from the faculty, fellow students, administration, and the subordinate staff who will touch my life in some ways. I believe this chance will go a long way towards enabling me to attain my dreams fully of my expectations.

Question 2

Justification for the Course I Have Applied For

As a way of determining my suitability for this course of interior designing I have applied for, I would like to share my experience regarding personal quality, talent, and accomplishment with the administration of the University of California. I shall also be obliged to demonstrate some of my contributions that are important to me and to the society, which I served in many capacities. Among the accomplishments I am proud of is taking part in the volunteer work of PTK and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). Here I actively participated in clubbing activities where I got many compliments from the authorities for my diligence and initiatives that I brought on board.

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Apart from that, I enjoy going on a nature tour alone and doing field scenery painting. This adventure makes me relax and gives me creative inspirations to aspire to mightier things in my life. As such, I have developed much interest in classical style and ancient building. I have a conviction that those are mysterious and worth exploring as part of my course. I like the combination of Asian and Western style. Thus, I believe it can appear on my artworks soon.

Since I completed high school education, my mission was engaging home and business owners in my native area in volunteer drawing activities. Therefore, it allowed me to do some painting for them. I could request a few of my friends with whom we shared confidential matters to accompany me to people’s homes to accomplish certain painting activities according to their preferences. Through this experience, I found that interior design could indeed make a home so amazing especially if a passionate designer does it. Through my creativity, I managed to put many homes around my village in good and fantastic shape. Despite the fact that some owners neglected their homes as being old for years, I did renovate them with newer designs, which made them look pretty modern and shiny. In the process of doing this voluntary job, I also made friends from the school-going children who got attracted by my work. Some of them set aside some time to come to learn a few tips on designing from me.

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Eventually, I also found myself teaching kids many tips on interior designing. That is when I discovered that I could be a qualified tutor as well. Since then, I have recruited many youths in the line of interior designing career. Also, I believe that after completion of my course I shall be of great help to most of the young people who may wish to acquire some skills in the occupation of designing. Summarily, my childhood desires have transformed me into an astute designer who is bound to be a great asset to the community.

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