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I would like to take this opportunity to apply for an academic chance at the University of California with hope to pursue a business related course. I am a Chinese student currently taking my studies at Contra Costa College and Diablo Valley College in Los Angeles. The main reason I wish to transfer to the University of California is a lack of business courses at these educational institutions. At the same, they have not yet become full-fledged universities offering a competitive course.

Since childhood, I was interested in the business field. I used to sell foodstuffs with my mother to earn money for a living. I remember learning how to make chocolate sandwiches and taking them to school to sell to my fellow students. I also participated in some business contests in which I received many certificates of merit. This opportunity aroused entrepreneur skills in me, even though the profit margin in the sales was negligible. What fascinated me the most was the fact that I was making some money on my own.


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Given the chance to study business management course at the University of California will go a long way towards equipping me with the appropriate knowledge that will enable me to acquire a sustainable job in a company. My main purpose is to save enough funds to continue with business studies up to the Master’s level. With immense experience in work and adequate capital, I shall establish my own profitable business venture. Thus, I may create employment opportunities for other people in the society.

Apart from the knowledge I acquired during my study in school, I also attended numerous seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship. There I got many ideas about business and economic studies. I am proud to admit that the same skills helped me to establish a business of selling electronic gadgets though on a small scale. I import most of my stock from the US and Europe because they are of good quality. Therefore, they attract much attention from consumers than products made in China. Following the booming demand for these products, I am very optimistic that my venture will flourish soon allowing me to make big profits.

I believe I can cope with this task because I have a decisive and determined character. I do not like procrastinating or being complacent in my business duties having known that these are detrimental to the success of my own business. Whenever I meet challenges, I regard them as stepping stones to my destiny. I saw many examples of very successful business people as well learn from those who are unsuccessful. I also like concentrating on my own affairs and particularly what can add value to my business other than getting concerned with what people around say about me. I have always tried to avoid confrontations with people who hate what I do. However, I embrace those who are supportive to me because the latter can augment the value of my business. My optimism usually keeps my aspirations real even though I feel my perfectionist behavior is a big weakness.

Question 2

To demonstrate my appropriateness for my dream course of business management at UC, I am indulged in sharing many details about my experience, which I got through various means, with the administration of the University. Occasionally, I could go to the nursing homes with few of my friends to dance and sing with the elderly people to make them happy. At these centers, we could also have long chats with these persons hoping to establish how they perceive life at their age. This experience helped me to discover problems that the aged in China encounter in the full glare of the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). We also established that some of the aged people are often denied substantial humanitarian assistance from the government, even if the majority of the people were retired civil servants who significantly contributed to the prosperity of the country.

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Furthermore, I attended the show in Disneyland where I earned several certificates in a matter of entrepreneurship and music contests. I developed many skills in music from high school where I was a choir member. We used to cooperate with the marching band. Moreover, we were severally invited to our local television stations.

While studying in high school, I also attended two musical concerts: high school musical and a comedy You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. In the high school musical concert, I acted two roles. At the opening of the show, I was a cheerleader and encouraged the hero. At the same time, I played the role of a girl who was nervous and afraid of auditions. Those two characters were extreme for me. Therefore, I took this situation as a challenge.

Finally, I was the anime and art club volunteer, a member of the Chinese American Student Association and the National Honor Society, which were vibrant clubs in high school. At the same time, I also volunteered for the Pinole Church. Also, I taught kids Chinese language, read the Bible and told interesting Bible stories to them. This is the only volunteer activity I have hitherto kept until and will never leave. Working at a young age gave me an opportunity to learn many issues in employment. Being a volunteer for the Red Cross and the Chinese Student Association played an important role in my life and educational development.

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