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Part 1

Education is power. It is a dream of a student to acquire standard resources and proper organization during studies in order to achieve success. Studying in California State University in Los Angeles is an achievement since it was one of my dreams. It is a good institution for the study that offers quality education for all. However, as a student from poor financial background, I would like the school to start a program, in which students from poor families are offered with financial aid. The price of life has risen with all the necessities of life increasing in price. It has induced a challenge to the students who would wish to perform well and become successful in their future career. It is because they would not be able to maintain themselves in the running environment due to lack of food and other necessities. Therefore, offering financial aid to these students will make sure that the institute is capable of maintaining bright students irrespective of their financial status. As a result, education, as a basic requirement, will be guaranteed to all bright students.


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Learning curriculum takes a fraction of a student’s day. Therefore, student housing is an essential facility for running. California State University is an institution that accommodates scholars from all parts of the globe. It is essential to offer student housing at the areas that are not far from the learning institution. Most of the students rely on money from their parents, guardians, well-wishers and the government. Therefore, student housing should be made affordable and with all the necessary facilities, such as water and sanitation. A proper housing program will benefit the students through creating a good learning environment during and after class hours. Elimination of congestion will also guarantee health safety of the students through elimination of health hazards. In addition, it is important for the university management to initiate a program of constructing food cafeterias within the school. It will eliminate wastage of time and health hazards that can be brought about by unhygienic cafeterias outside the university territory.

My basic goal when joining California State University was to achieve success in academics. Being among the best institutes in the state, it is essential to introduce more academic programs to attract more potential students in the institution. When students come together from different nations of the world, their interests, knowledge and exposure promote innovation and technology development. In addition, the institution should also hire professional tutors from all parts of the world to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Academic development can be achieved through development of modern library, computer laboratory and book store. These facilities will provide the students with all the facilities they need for success.

Part II

Unity is power. To promote the development of students and their talents, the institution needs different students’ organizations. Students’ organizations promote development of students through discussion and support. Since California State University offers different professional causes, it is essential for a course to be supported in starting up a club that defines the concern of scholars in relation to the professional guidelines of the course. For instance, an accounting club offers an essential organization for all the students who are taking the accounting course. In the learning institution, not all the sources of information can be facilitated by the institution management. However, with the development of an accounting club, accounting students will be able to search for support as a team from all available sources through team work, interest and self-motivation. The club can assist the students to search for effective organizations for attachments, where they will be able to learn and acquire exposure. Graduates from the institution are professionals with best qualifications from the teaching staff and different sources of information, such as library and other research engines. Nevertheless, student organizations, such as the above-mentioned accounting club, will assist different students to practice what they learn in class during discussions, club educational tours just to mention but a few. Professionalism is guided by ethics, commitment, good will, good morals, and personal etiquette. These features are not taught in class, but they can be developed during club meetings, discussions and different tours organized by different clubs.

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The fundamental goal of the institute is to produce professionals in different special areas of specialty. Professionals should be individuals who are good in time management and self-supervision. Therefore, it is essential for the management of California State University to support development of a management club. Individuals should act as managers at their own level. Since it is a necessity for all students, including the ones that are not taking management courses, they can learn essential principles of management in the management club. This club will assist the students to develop their talents hence making it easy for them to rise in their professions to the management level in their future careers. In addition, clubs promote the sense of teamwork and sociality of an individual.

In days gone by, students in the universities were expressing their views and dissatisfactions through strikes and demonstrations. Today, it has taken a new route, where university associations launch students’ claims, views and dissatisfactions without unnecessary commotions. Therefore, it is a good step for the California State University to establish the university association for all the students. As the association will be led by students, it will be able to provide a better opportunity for them to develop leadership skills and put them into practice.

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