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In order to certify that each learner in the classroom has a chance to contribute towards a certain topic, it is necessary to divide them into small groups. In these small discussions, each member has a chance to give his or her ideas as they are further evaluated by other people until a conclusion is made. However, group work is faced with several challenges, such as lack of confidence among some students, fear and poor leadership, which may make the subject under consideration to be left unattended. Thus, these individuals ought to come up with some ways that may help each other in their work such as power point analysis. One of the ways to make the group work successful is by adapting the Tuckman’s team development model. It has four stages, including forming, storming, norming and performing (Farber, 2011).


At this stage, a leader is selected to lead the group, and each member focuses on him or her by accepting the guidance, authority and ensuring a polite relationship with all people. The person guides other and is expected to be open with all the information relevant to each other. After selecting the leader, the basic expectations of the discussion should be established together with roles and rules to govern them. Everyone is assigned a certain task, which will keep them busy while the guidelines given promote smooth running of the group. It helps all the students involved being aware of what is anticipated of them in the meeting. For instance, in power point analysis, each person should understand issues like how the slides are formed, what the advantages of using this kind of presentation are and when it is appropriate to use power point. These areas will be their focus and by the end, they will all benefit (Johnson, 2009).


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Since the group consists of four different members, it implies that there are some similarities and differences among them. For identification of these characteristics, the students should introduce themselves and focus on the strengths as well as preferences they brought to the group. Thus, by recognizing what they share will boost the discussion process as they all feel appreciated and acknowledged. Furthermore, agreeing on common goals helps the students to achieve their target. For instance, this group aims at analysis of power point, thus by the end, and everybody is projected to be able to carry out the task effectively (Ledlow & Coppola, 2010).

Through the introduction, the contact among the four persons is promoted, which leads to the development of trust especially on the leader. The situation helps members to depend on each other, especially in the real evaluation of the subject when ideas are highly valued. Passion for gathering relevant information concerning the topic is created because no point is ignored or left unconsidered. Thus, research through further reading is encouraged which promotes proper understanding of the issue under consideration (Naik, 2007).


At this stage, there is much competition and conflict among the students when performing their tasks. In the attempts to carry out the assigned duties, conflicts arise hindering effective achievement of the goals. To curb these challenges, power and control measures should be identified to help the individuals bend and mold their attitudes, beliefs as well as ideas in order to suit in the organization. Furthermore, each person should be held responsible for a certain duty, especially the leader who needs to be supported in their roles (Farber, 2011).

Following the fear of exposure and failure, there should be ways to promote gaining of communication skills like facilitating meetings where individuals can articulate their concerns. For example, everyone should be encouraged to be active and committed in order to gain courage when performing the assigned task. Furthermore, independence will be highly encouraged as all members work towards being the best and presenting their opinions and ideas, which are to be discussed to evaluate their relevance to the topic of analysis. The group is encouraged to work together by dealing with different ideas and later coming up with solutions to problems; as a result, creativity is nurtured (Rothstein & Burke, 2010).

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In this case, interpersonal relations are associated with cohesion. The members are involved in the acknowledgements of contributions from other individuals helping them to solve the issue. Each one is offered an opportunity to present their opinions towards analysis of power point while others pay attention. Afterwards, they develop the willingness to change preconceived ideas according to the facts laid down by others. Through this process, there is a deep understanding of the subject as students actively ask and answer questions among themselves for clarification. Thus, negotiations as well as consensus building lead to decision making and pertaining the topic (Ledlow & Coppola, 2010).

Roles, such as leadership, are shared, and cliques dissolved. As members identify with others, trust at their personal relations increases contributing to the development of cohesion. People go through nous of belonging to the group and relief due to the resolving of interpersonal conflicts among them. As a result, the flow of data is enhanced. Through norming, the four members are able to share their feelings, solicit together with giving feedback and exploring actions in relation to the assignment. Furthermore, creativity is high which is characterized by openness, and the individuals are encouraged to share information on a personal level. In return, they feel good about being part of the group (Rothstein & Burke, 2010).

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