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Nursing: The Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ)

Table of Contents Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) A Description of the MDQ and How It Is Utilized Reliability and Validity of the MDQ Resources Available at Calgary Zone for People with Bipolar Disorder Support Groups In and Out-Patient Services Service Gaps and Recommendations Social Determinants of Health Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays Mood Disorder Questionnaire…

Scope of Practice for the VN and the RN

Table of Contents Scope of the RN and VN Practices Delegation Rules of the RN The Differentiated Essential Competencies The Minimum Acceptable Standards Test Plans for VNs and RNs Unprofessional Conduct The RN as a Communicator and a Teacher The Nurse and Social Media Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays The nurse’s leading position in the…

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

Table of Contents Introduction Background of the Study Methods of the Study Results of the Study Ethical Considerations Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays Introduction The purpose of this paper is to summarize the study conducted by Cossette, Frasure-Smith, Dupuis, Juneau, & Guertin (2012) titled “Randomized Controlled Trial of Nursing Interventions to Improve Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment,”…

Theory Application in Nursing Practice

Table of Contents Summary of the Problem Potential Middle Range Theory that Could Be Applied The Borrowed Theory History of the Borrowed Theory Previous Applications of the Borrowed Theory Application of the Borrowed Theory in the Identified Problem Integrating the Application of the Borrowed Theory and the Middle Range Theory Related Free Nursing Essays Summary…

Bullying/Lateral Violence in the Nursing Environment

Table of Contents Bullying at the Workplace Literature on the Issue Ways to Eliminate the Issue Professional Implications Conclusion Related Free Nursing Essays Bullying is an important problem to discuss since it is present in many environments where people are supposed to work as a team, not excluding the groups of adults. According to this…


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