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The healthcare sector plays a critical role in society that ensures development in the economic, social, or political sectors. The belief that a healthy nation is indeed a wealthy nation proves to be rational due to the critical roles that the health care sector has. In a situation where the health care sector encounters challenges, review and reform processes such as the one noted in 2010 Health Care Reform Bill are encouraged to address the challenges and provide long-term solutions. Such reforms have touched on all stakeholders involved in health care provision, including the insurance industries, care providers, administrators, and management. Organizations including the health care sector experience dynamic situations and, hence, a continuous review of the changes has to be done to analyze, monitor, and evaluate the impacts of applied measures on the concerned stakeholders. The 2010 Health Care Reform Bill is no exception. The current paper describes the roles and responsibilities of health care management in addressing the pressing dilemma of increased number of patients accessing health care services from both minority and majority populations resulting from the economic downturn. Moreover, the paper discusses the impacts of the 2010 Health Care Reform Bill on the goal and objective of health care services that shifts from the treatment of patients to long-term sustainable goals, such as increased vaccination, changes in lifestyle, and controlled chronic diseases among others.

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The 2010 Health Care Reform Bill resulted in more health care insurance, financing, and other aspects geared towards improved quality care for all in both public and private health care entities. Health care managers and administrators have the roles and responsibilities that the goals and objectives of such reforms were realized in the varied entities that they manage and operate (Acton, 2013). They have, thus, to take actions and formulate policies that conform to the intended reforms as noted in the bill. The increased number of people accessing health care appeared because of the economic downturn that has rendered many people jobless and, hence, unable to cater for their health care needs. Such dilemma has increased the burden regarding financial needs for involved stakeholders such as insurance and health care facilities. The dilemma has, thus, impacted the governance, financial, physical, and demographic aspects. The situation compels health care management to have a review of the strategies so as to have a balanced approach to managing the concerns objectively while at the same time working towards the realization of the health care goals.


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How Considerations Under the Concept of Governance Apply

Governance entails the administration of health care facilities and personnel to effectively provide improved health care services. The 2010 Health Care Reform Bill empowers the primary caregivers and management to involve actively in the formulation of policies and programs in health care sector as primary stakeholders. Primary caregivers and health care managers can forward petitions to the lawmakers for more reforms that address the encountered realities. The Bill also encourages a periodic review of varied issues, including training. Hence, managers of health care facilities must play their roles actively and address the noted impact and experienced dilemmas.  Through such discussion with the lawmakers, the health care managers have to support and encourage legislators to provide more funding for health care in general by providing evidenced results from the economic downturn (Emanuel, 2014). They also have to channel more funding for preventive measures and health care education.

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Major Financial Issues Faced

The increased number of people accessing health care services would ultimately result in increased financial costs for stakeholders such as insurance and health care institutions. It would, thus, cause unprofitable business in the long-term, for instance, for insurance players. The management and administrators of health care insurance companies have to plan and come up with health care packages that suit the increased numbers of people. Hospital managers also have to look for alternative source of funding to ensure high-quality services without compromise resulting from increased number of patients (Pande, Ross-Degnan, Zaslavsky, & Salomon, 2011).  Hospital managers, thus, have to encourage long-term solutions in addressing the concerns such as changes in lifestyles and education to empower the people (CCH Incorporated & Wolters Kluwer, 2010). Such measures would lead to less health care issues due to chronic diseases. The health care administrators need to emphasize on preventive measures as opposed to treatment that is more expensive, as there is the inadequacy of funds to cater for all. The fewer funds available for health care services must also prioritize research and studies by health care providers, especially regarding long-term solutions. For example, a research on the development of vaccines that have proved to be manageable and sustainable for the provided health care options should be maintained. Therefore, the health care management has to act promptly and encourage the development of vaccines for long-term solutions. When preventive measures are taken, it will result in affordable health care and improved quality because fewer people will be accessing health care facilities as envisioned in the lasting objectives of the health sector.

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Major Physical Issues Faced

The physical issues entail physical properties in the health care facilities that include equipment and personnel. The health care management also has to invest in the facilities used in the heath care centers, as with increased numbers of people accessing health care it means that the facilities would tear and wear in the shortest time possible. It would also mean engaging a higher number of facilities and equipment used to offer health care.  It would ultimately result in increased expenses in the future. Health care managers have the role and responsibility to ensure that the facilities they purchase are of high quality and durable due to projected increase in numbers. They also should hire more qualified personnel to cater for the increased number of people to prevent overworking and burnout among personnel, which can lead to the compromised quality of services (Shi & Singh, 2008).

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