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In the students’ pursuit of information from the works of different editors, it is highly important that they are very keen on the distinct structures used by various writers. Two editorial companies – Abet and E&T Magazine – present the various distinctions that ensue as a result of using different technology when writing online, with a view of communicating ideas to particular audiences. The distinctions are explained in the following editorials: “Engineering vs. Engineering Technology” and “A Survey of Engineering Education throughout the World”, composed by Abet and E&T Magazine respectively. The first article has no author; Chris Titley wrote the second article in September 15th, 2014. There have been major debates concerning the various areas that should be covered in technology and engineering with people from all walks of life giving their different perceptions about engineering and technology. Both articles have covered the topic in length as well as given deep and comprehensive analysis of what technology and engineering is. However, their mode of information presentation differs greatly, even though they provide similar information.


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These differences are evident in their paragraph, sentences and headings structure. Use of images, graphics, and different font colors and sizes also amounts to one of the factors leading to distinct communication modes of the two editorial companies. While the issue of providing expounded information about the topic of engineering and technology has been given wide coverage in both editorials, the two differ in the way they present ideas to the reader and the level of analysis.

To start with, Abet presents its information in a welcoming and well-organized manner that tunes the readers’ mind and helps comprehend the topic easily. The editorial takes time to break the information into parts and to present it under certain headings. The information occupies one page, concentrates on the topic of study and looks like a manual book. For example, according to Abet, at the first instance the reader is supposed to have a notion of what technology differs from engineering. That is after he or she has read the information under the topic “How are they Different?” (Abet). Just after the reader has fully familiarized himself/herself with the topic they are just about to read, other headings appear below, informing the reader on the curricular focus and where technology and engineering find application and implementation. Last but not least, just before the end of the article, the editor allocates time to tell the reader on the career path that he or she will follow after pursuing the course and those duties that will be rallied upon them. The article has made use of simple and short sentences that are easy to understand.

On the contrary, E&T Magazine’s case is different. Though this company has used different headings to present information to the user, the works overlaps and do not follow any logical structure. In fact, there is too much information in this page that seems not to concentrate on the topic of study. For instance, the page has too many headings pertaining to ads. This might mislead the reader to deviate from the topic of study. The type of sentences used in the editorial is too complex and they are not easily comprehended. This is especially evident when they incorporate too much rhetoric questions, e.g. “Who’s getting the best engineering education?” and “What did your careers advisor suggest you do when you leave school?” (Titley).

While trying to make readers understands the information provided in their articles, the two editorials have adopted different approaches: images and graphic application. E&T Magazine has used a lot of images in the page, which are connected to engineering and technology. For instance, it has published images of rulers, pencils, plane papers and an engineer wearing a helmet at work in a phone booth to send a message to the reader about the type of working tools and activities an engineer is involved in during regular day-to-day activities. Additionally, the notion of technology is expressed through the use of images such as those of desktops, cell phones, and Internet cables. This feature compromises the manner in which Abet editorial company relays information to it readers. Here the company employs simple language and sentence structures easily understandable by the information recipient. That is, paragraphs contain a small number of sentences, but those are brief and to the point when the topic of technology and engineering is concerned.

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In a bid to relay information of value to different audiences, technology has led to bringing in writing technology that helps the reader receive detailed information about the same topic from different sources. The introduction of hyperlinks on various web pages, which communicate certain information to their viewers, aid in this endeavor. E&T Magazine’s editorial company has been in a position to share information relating to engineering and technology using a variety of different links presented in form of headings with a blue font color. For instance, after clicking the title “BT hits 1 Gbit/s with combination of copper and fiber” (Titley) presented on the company’s page, the reader is directed to another page providing detailed information about the same. The point here is to provide the reader with deep and comprehensive information that will enable him or her receive all the necessary data they were looking for. Abet, on the contrary, has fallen short of the same; that is particularly obvious when it uses very few lines to explain a very wide topic involving technology and engineering. Though the sentences are to the point, they have failed greatly to offer links to other pages that could provide more detailed information on the subject under study.

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