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Classification of Crimes

Table of Contents Introduction Background Juvenile’s Peculiarities The Advantages of Case Classification Conclusion Related Free Justice Essays Introduction The case of Adnan Syed became widely discussed after the Serial podcast provided by Sarah Koenig. Even though there was no concluding sentence on Syed’s innocence or guilt, the story has touched the general masses, who hope…

Factors Influencing Criminal Justice Personnel Behavior

Table of Contents Introduction Overview of a Civilian Oversight Committee Role of the Civilian Oversight Committee Conclusion Related Free Justice Essays Introduction Police abuse remains a serious issue in the criminal justice system. Attempts to eradicate police brutality have not yielded any success. Moreover, Ferdik, Rojek, and Alpert (2013) consider police abuse a national problem…

Ethical Conduct by Prosecutors

In an adversarial system, like the common law, one of the most important facets in the pursuit of justice is a prosecutor. By a true representation of a criminal case, a prosecutor in a common law acts for the state or the “people.” Furthermore, for a criminal trial to end in a just decision, all…


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