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American History

How did the 1950s contain the seeds of the rebellion and turmoil of the 1960s? By the start of the 1950s, America had the sharpest population growth in its history. The so-called baby boom saw more than 3 million children born in 1950. This unprecedented population increase came with a steady economic prosperity in America….

The Italian Renaissance/The Northern Renaissance/Elizabethan Period (1500-1600)

Table of Contents Fashion of the Northern Renaissance Fashion of the Italian Renaissance Fashion of the Elizabethan Period Conclusion Related Free History Essays During the Renaissance, Europe’s interest in the forgotten culture of antiquity was reinvigorated. In architecture, painting, sculpture, and clothing, European creators sought to find proportions, symmetry, and harmony. In medieval Europe, the…

Modern History

The politics of the Soviet in 1917s was considered to be the most controversial. Many scholars have made the investigations of the initial background of the mentioned political techniques. They proved the fact that Lenin’s Theses were of radical nature and presupposed cruelty, as well as violence. The main essence of the Lenin’s Theses was…

The Ottoman Conquest: from Balkan Orthodox States to Ottoman Rumelia

Table of Contents Introduction Balkan Orthodox States The Ottoman Conquest Related Free History Essays Introduction Ottoman Empire was established after 700CE as a result of the Turkish-speaking nomadic tribes’ migration in the Arab world. In 1055, the migrants captured Bagdad creating the Seljuk Empire and ruled there using Muslim principles. However, in the 13th century,…

The Election of 1876 and Its Effect on African-Americans

The presidential election of November 7, 1876, is considered to be one of the most controversial ones in the American history. A few days later, the following words appeared in the newspaper “The Louisiana Democrat”:“The campaign just closed was one of the fiercest in the history of American politics, and the election just held was…

Historical Events that Influenced the Development of Western Civilization

Table of Contents Earliest Civilizations: Before 500 AD Rise of Christendom The Fall of Rome Reintroduction of Greek philosophy to the West Magna Carta Rise of Western Schism The Fall of Constantinople in 1453 Renaissance: 14th to 17th Century The Reformation: 1500 to 1650 The Age of Discovery: 1500 to 1800 Enlightenment: 1500-1800 Related Free…


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