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The organization has explicit and implicit rules and policies that are designed to give a structure, where the responsibilities and work roles are delegated, coordinated, and controlled. It will also control the flow of information within the organization from one level to another. In this case, the business exhibits functional structure of an organization, whereby there are the activities, such as supervision, coordination, and allocation of duties. There is a variety of components that the structure of the organization has. Some of these are departments or divisions that deal with the various responsibilities in the organization, management hierarchy that is responsible for control and coordination of all activities within the different departments in the organization, there are rules, procedures, and goals, there are also temporary building blocks, such as committees and task forces. Some of the roles and responsibilities that take place in the organization include management, where the manager plans and organizes their department to exceed the customers’ expectations both internally and externally. The managers work together with other managers that are in charge of the various departments in order to increase the range of benefits, such as accuracy, efficiency, and improvement of the process. There is also supervision to ensure that there is application of procedures and practices by the operators consistently. There is marketing, whereby the department that is given this mandate is responsible for ensuring that the products and services that the organization offers to the customers are promoted, so as to raise the volume of sales and widen the market coverage of the organization by seeking for more customers (Kortmann, 2012). There are also accounting operations that take place in the organization. This is to establish the flow of cash in the organization and keep the financial records for the organization with an aim of ensuring that there is proper monitoring of performance of the business. It also ensures that there is legal compliance, and aids in the decision making process that is strategic for forecasting the organization’s future financial performance. There are procurement activities that the unit carries out, where the business acquires goods and services at the best possible price.


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The competitive approach method that the business should use differentiation in order to set itself from the competitors is. One of the factors in this strategy will be low cost that will set the business aside from other businesses. The company will be in a position to look at one or more attributes that are marketable, so that it can set them apart from the competitors. The organization should then seek the segment of the market that would find the attributes that are important, so that it can market them. The business can also conduct a research in the market, so that it can establish the things that the consumers require the most, and then come up with a niche market for the products and characteristics. The company will be able to go ahead of the competitors, since they will be in a position to develop the products that the customers require; therefore, fully satisfy their clients (David, 2013). The ability of the organization to develop the changes in the products as a way of ensuring that their customers’ need are met prior to the competitors will be dependent on its sensibility to the events that are in the environment, such as the effects that competitors pose in the market. The organization should ensure that there is good flexibility that will allow the changes to take place in order to look at the possible segments that will be suitable to their operations.The marketing department should try the best in establishing the segments that the business will target and the requirements of the customers to be satisfied. The way to conduct their research will be through interviewing and use of questionnaires with the questions on the areas that they are seeking information about.

Description of the Program

Design, integrate, develop, test, install, and set a communication system.

Program Schedule

The program will be implememted into the three phases. The first phase will be a 12 month design, integration, and development of the system. The second phase will take place in 6 months and will involve testing and installation of the system (Wick, 2003). The third phase will take three months and will involve setting of a communication system that will help the business to easily control all the activities that take place in the different sectors as a way of enhancing efficiency.

There will also be provision of an initial support packaging that will consist of the cost-plus award fee contract.  The contract system development will be as follows;

Award of the contract                       15th June 2014

Preliminary design                            18th July 2014

Critical design                                   20th September 2014

Integration                                         20th February 2015

System development                         10th March 2015

System testing                                   July 2015

Installation process                           15th January 2016

Communication system                    March –August 2016

Special Requirements of the Project

Management system that is approved by the government;

Concepts based on performance logistic;

Research personnel;

Trade journals of the industry;

Purchasing files of the business;

A list of past suppliers in the industry.

Your request should consist of 5 char min.

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