Additional Services

Beneficial Additional Services for Every Customer!

Our agency offers an exclusive option, i.e. progressive delivery, which lets us deal with lengthy and complex papers (double-spaced papers including 20+ pages and single-spaced ones including 10+ pages).

Benefits of such an option:

  • Clients can trace the progress of producing their papers. Each work will be delivered to the customer for approval in sections/drafts* by the stated deadline.
  • A free revision period is 30 days (a common paper can be revised for free only within 2 days).
  • One of the most proficient editors and top writers will work on your assignment.
  • Each order is monitored by a personal manager to make sure it will be completed efficiently. Additionally, we ensure effective communication between the client and the writer.

Drafts are delivered in the following manner*:

  • orders with 4 or less days deadline – a draft is delivered within 50% of the imposed time frame (e.g., if the assignment deadline is 4 days, a draft will be delivered in 2 days) in the amount of 25% of the total page number (e.g., if the work includes 28 pages, a client will get a 7-page draft);
  • orders with 5-11-day deadline – two drafts are delivered within 25% and 50% of the assignment deadline in the amount of 25% and 50% of the total page number accordingly;
  • orders with the deadline of 12 days or more – three drafts are delivered within 25%, 50%, 75% of the assignment time frame in the amount of 25%, 50%, 75% of the total page number accordingly.

Its cost is only additional 15% to the order price.

* If a client wants to get a paper in any other way, a specific plan satisfying his/her demands and meeting order specifications can be worked out. In this case, the details of the deal can be discussed with the order manager.

Extra Services for Papers Comprising Less than 20 Pages

1-Page Summary

Such an option lets customers receive a succinct 1-page summary of a paper illustrating its key aspects. Using this option is especially helpful for those who need to make a report on the analyzed subject.

Paper Draft

By using this service, a client will get a 1-page draft (300 words if the paper is double-spaced and 600 words if the paper is single-spaced) after 50% of the deadline expiration. For instance, if the assignment deadline is 6 days, a draft will be delivered in 3 days.

Extended Revision

A free revision can be made within 48 hours after order deadline expiration. An “Extended revision” option lets extend a free revision period to 14 days!

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